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  1. Parties every weekend, long game nights, billiards with friends almost everyday after school, lots of movie-trips – yeah no you can still have a huge social life in the IB.
  2. I think at the end of the day it's consistent revision of concepts and paying close attention to the syllabi that netted me a 7. Although my IA scored pretty highly, I could still have done well without it as exams are really the make or break. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to focus revision too.
  3. Without knowing your general level of preparedness prior to revision it's hard to say. I consistently made 7s throughout my final year of HL Biology and so I was confident I didn't need to revise that much during the last couple of weeks. I'd say general rule of thumb if you've already been consistently getting 6s, then it's definitely possible that through these last 2 weeks of hard revision you can get that 7. May also depend to some extent on the score of your Bio IA was.
  4. IB TOK, EE, and English examiners are incompetent morons with no sense of what constitutes as quality work.
  5. I can't say I can corroborate that anecdotal experience with mine. My friend that had predicted grades of 7 and a final of 6 for Physics HL got a very low 600 for their real SAT Physics test.
  6. Despite averaging 7s in Biology & Chemistry HL, on practice tests I typically made 650s~/800 on the corresponding subject tests. I felt SAT Subject tests were more in line with AP content and I actually studied off of my Biology teacher's old AP Biology slides back when he taught it in previous schools. As for Chemistry, I had to get familiar with more physical chemistry aspects and crappy units like Torr and mm Hg. I ended up getting 750s for my real tests on both, but it was a lot of extra effort beyond what was covered in the IB and I was pretty annoyed at that. My friends who were top students at my school's Math and Physics HL classes were also only getting 600s on their Physics & Maths SAT Subject tests initially and had to go through a lot of extra work just to hit the 700 benchmark. I don't think anyone got above a 690/800 on the SAT Math II from my school at the time.
  7. Looking back Option D is definitely more appealing, although I did Option B since that was what my teacher wanted to teach. Ironically I ended up not doing well on my Paper 3 despite also doing Biology HL. That said, my friend who self-studied Option C as a Physics HL student that couldn't grasp Biology finished his Paper 3 strongly. It's all about how interested you are in the topic imo that drives you to do well.
  8. I had time to play 1-2 hours of an online game on most weeknights, and this was throughout DP2. It's honestly fine – I would just watch out for EE deadlines, but if you're on top of things, even that won't faze you.
  9. In the U.S. you can still study chemical engineering without any kind of chemistry background.
  10. In the U.S. they would make you do all the introductory chemistry you need for any engineering unless you have taken HL Chemistry/AP Chemistry/A-Level Chemistry, so curriculum wise you wouldn't be worse off.
  11. In my Indonesian B SL Written Assignment, I had about 430~ words. My teacher predicted a superlative mark of 23/24, but I ended up getting a 21/24 from the IB. I cannot be certain if this is due to exceeding the word count however. As a general rule of thumb, if you absolutely need those last 18 words and that removing them would noticeably reduce the quality of your work, then just leave them there. It is not stated explicitly that going over word count, and with only a measly 18 words, would warrant a direct penalty to marks. Rather, I believe the examiner will take your exceeding of the word count into holistic consideration, along with other aspects of your work, and then decide what mark to give you for the relevant criteria.
  12. Yes it is possible. My term 1 grades in year 1 was something like: Economics HL – 4 Biology HL – 5 Chemistry SL – 3 English HL – 5 Maths SL – 5 Indonesian SL – 3 I got a 41 in the end, from a predicted 44.
  13. I know some business schools like Hult International Business School still takes in Maths Studies. You should verify if Economics HL is required – most business schools in the U.S. typically have more math-based requirements as opposed to social science requirements; however, Canada is more likely to have specific course requirements e.g. Economics HL & Maths SL. Still, note that with business programs in the U.S. arguably being the most competitive in comparison to other majors, Maths Studies is unlikely to get you anywhere. Since you're still about to start DP1, like @King112, I would strongly recommend you take Maths SL to be competitive viable.
  14. I had 1.0 spacing on both my biology & chemistry IAs with size 11 font and even size 10 font in the bibliography. Amounted to 12 pages on one IA and 13 pages on the other – I had 22/24 and 23/24 respectively; both having 3/4 for the Communication criteria.
  15. My TOK was a C as well from a predicted A. Originally predicted 9/10 on presentation & 9/10 on essay – got a 7/10 for presentation and 3/10 for essay. My essay was marked by two TOK teachers at my school; 4 people including my DPC were involved in moderating all the TOK presentations. My EE, predicted a high B, got a low C, despite it being moderated by all 3 English teachers at my school's English department. The previous year, the only two English EEs from my school, which were both predicted As by the same teachers, received a 32/36 and 36/36 from the IB. In English Language & Literature SL, I received an 18/20 for Paper 1, 19/20 on my Written Task, 25/30 for orals, and a 10/25 on my Paper 2. This prevented me from getting a 7 in the subject. It was weird, to say the least, seeing a 3/7 along with all 7/7s in the subject's component grade boundaries. Overall, this contributed to the -3 points difference from my predicted grade. I was devastated honestly. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the IB experienced budget cuts and had to resort to hiring chimpanzees from local rainforests to supplement their examiner labor force. As for moving on, you'll just think less about it over time. It took me 6 months to stop feeling so disappointed by it, but even now it's still an unpleasant thought. Even in college the IB is so obscure I've given up on expecting any recognition for having done the program. The best you can hope for is working harder towards an even greater achievement that would dwarf the chase for a 45.