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  1. No. You can take my word with a grain of salt, but my teacher didn't give me full marks for communication – which may have to do with word count – and exploration (3/4 and 5/6 respectively). I ended up with a 22/24. On another IA for Chemistry, I had 1.15 spacing and 1 spacing scattered throughout, and even had 13 pages. Avoid worrying so much about these things – it's super trivial compared to literally every other expectation for your IA.
  2. To note: the original version that was sent to the IBO had an orange color palette than a blue one, as well as Times New Roman Font over Cambria Maths. Couldn't retrieve the exact version sent and only had this one to upload as a sample.
  3. Chemistry HL IA Level 7 (23/24) – 2017 Syllabi View File My Chemistry HL IA focusing on mathematical kinetics with an unexpected twist. Score breakdown are as follows: Personal Engagement: 2/2 Exploration: 6/6 Analysis: 6/6 Evaluation: 6/6 Communication: 3/4 Total: 23/24 (7) Personal proudest written work from high school. Submitter IB`NOT`ez Submitted 11/13/2017 Category Sample labs  
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    My Chemistry HL IA focusing on mathematical kinetics with an unexpected twist. Score breakdown are as follows: Personal Engagement: 2/2 Exploration: 6/6 Analysis: 6/6 Evaluation: 6/6 Communication: 3/4 Total: 23/24 (7) Personal proudest written work from high school.
  5. I used 1.0 spacing and had ~7000 words in the end. I also used size 9-10.5 font for some of my bibliography and hope they didn't notice lol to keep it to 12 pages. Using different journals and referring to them to explain your results is a mark of a strong conclusion.
  6. That could be one way of doing it, but if you just formally state it, they'll have to take your word for it.
  7. Doing the standardization and showing evidence of it can further your analysis and demonstrate personal engagement, but you won't be penalized if you choose not do it, and can still evaluate it. You won't lose marks on methodology for not standardizing.
  8. I have a few friends with IB certificates that got into top universities in Australia e.g. Uni Melbourne, UNSW. One of them was doing all his subjects at SL.
  9. What if.... you do the best you can without stressing out too much at high school, and if you don't get into Harvard or an Ivy League university for your undergraduate studies, then it's far from the end as you can try and do even better in your undergraduate studies at another university, and then finally get into Harvard and all those top schools for your graduate studies since that's generally considered even more prestigious and important in today's society, not to mention at the graduate level they're far more receptive to international students.... What if..
  10. It's not particularly bad, but definitely not great. Essay scores hardly affect your chances - they just want to see it. But they'll also be looking at your college essays, your English grades etc. and thats where they can determine better your writing skills.
  11. I switched from Chemistry SL to HL upon starting DP2, despite planning to go into Economics/Business in university. My main reason for having done so was because I started to really enjoy Chemistry in the second semester it was being taught, and at SL I would be missing out on so much more fun and challenging content. Although Chemistry got harder in the process, I guess it was due to my really loving the subject that gave me the drive to do well in it. I know it's not the case for everyone though - if you're having a hard time understanding it, and you don't even need it at university, by all means drop it.
  12. I could elaborate a lot on the matter, but if you search through past threads on people asking questions pertaining to Oxford admissions, grades, and subject choices, they all lead to the following gist: Focus on meeting minimum requirements. Once you have, then just focus on maintaining high grades to maximize chances for getting that conditional offer. If you can't find any information on Oxford Admissions site that HL Biology is either a requirement or a recommendation for History, and you a) hate the subject and b) reduce your overall grades, then by all means drop it. You're looking for an outside perspective, but I'm going to guess that you're leaning A LOT MORE towards dropping the course. Well good news: go ahead and drop it. Generally speaking admission decisions are rarely contingent by the presence or absence of a non-requirement course - the fact that you're taking 7 subjects already shows you're doing heavier coursework than most applicants (though I'm quite skeptical of the additional benefit a 7th subject even adds anyways).
  13. I'm not particularly sure what majors you would be competitive for, but I do have a bunch of tangible statistics from peers. A close friend was accepted at HKUST for Electrical Engineering with a predicted 41 and the following conditions: 34+ and 5s or above in Maths HL, Physics HL, and Chemistry SL. A couple other friends received conditional offers at HKU and HKUST for business with a predicted of 40+ or something. Both did not take Maths HL, though both did Business Management HL. Everyone were offered scholarships depending on their final IB score i.e. a 38/45 is about a 50% scholarship; 35-36/45 would probably be the minimum score needed for some kind of scholarship. I think generally speaking Business, Economics and Engineering are the most competitive majors. Perhaps you can try applying for Chemistry or Finance then? I'm also unsure how easy it is to transfer between majors in Hong Kong universities, so it's probably recommended you have a solid idea of what you want to do before applying - if at all possible (the field I thought I was going into during uni application season is DEFINITELY NOT what I want to do now)
  14. Aye sounds good. If they're relevant somehow, you can't lose marks. If they're irrelevant, then you MIGHT lose marks on Communication.
  15. Simply put, and it's really only anecdotal evidence so it's not much, but over the couple dozen or so people I've met and known that got into Ivy League or Oxbridge, not one of them had taken Maths Studies. That said, none of them - as far as I knew - were planning on doing Arts or Languages too. I'm sure there are exceptions though, as about 20000 students are admitted into Ivy League schools every year, and several thousand more for Oxbridge. Generally speaking, and take my advice with a grain of salt as I have no credible source, but it would not be a bad idea to stick with Maths SL so long as you're getting 5 or above. Ivy League admissions state that they expect students to pursue the most rigorous available curricula/course load available to them within reason, with relation to your future academic pursuits - that's not to say you have to take 4 Higher Level courses nor Maths HL, especially if you're not going into a Maths-related field - but as you've already noted, in reality you'll be competing with many students who will likely have similar academic achievements as you do, but taking more difficult maths courses e.g. Maths SL or AP Calc AB/BC. Still at the end of the day, the difference of one course is very rarely a make it or break it. There's so many factors to account for especially for Ivy League admissions that it's pointless to worry about everything. If you really hate or struggle with Maths SL, then by all means drop it, and just be sure to stand out in all other admission aspects. But you've stated you're able to "score well". Staying with Maths SL won't hurt; taking Maths Studies MAY NOT hurt, but it also MAY hurt and there is unlikely a general rule for this i.e. some people may be scrutinized, others may not. From the uncertainty, and with your aims as high as they are, I would recommend just dealing with the brain hurting for another year.