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  1. I doubt a 6 in Chemistry HL, which is often equated to a 5 in AP Chemistry or an A in normal high school curriculum would ruin your chances at a Chemistry major... I have a friend who's enrolled into medicine with 2s in Chemistry SL if that makes you feel better. Edit: I swear man you gotta be able to let these small imperfections slide. There are so many little things out of your control and it's not healthy to fret over things you don't have to. It makes me worry you're going to easily get CHD/heart troubles down the road
  2. If you can pull off 5~ average for all your subjects, with a decent SAT score of about 1300~ you'll have a decent chance at most of your universities, save for UCLA. Your extracurriculars are varied and "enough" for the schools you plan on going to so it's no big issue. Right now just focus on your academics - I'd primarily focus on the IB and aim for your Canadian schools.
  3. Avoid excessive caps please. That's honestly a very demanding schedule. Different schools have different internal deadlines but just as an example, I finished my Biology IA on ~10th of April 2017, the month before my final exams. The changes I would suggest making are: complete first drafts for all of your IAs by October, and finish your EE by November/December. I don't know when your TOK Essay is due but I finished mine halfway through DP2 – and how will you even complete TOK by August when the titles for your exam session likely won't be out until September/October? Also don't be hard on yourself if you miss out on deadlines – it happens a lot, and to everyone.
  4. Imo it was definitely more difficult than May 2016, though may be of the same level overall with November 2016. All the papers were of a slightly harder difficulty compared to May, though Paper 3 was slightly easier than Nov 2016. Paper 2 was also a little more overwhelming compared to in the past. Precious few marks are now allocated to what used to be mark-heavy questions i.e. only 3 marks are now given for explaining a full SN2 mechanism showing stereochemical inversion compared to 4 marks in the past. Edit: Forgot to mention I was TZ2.
  5. Definitely doable. My friend had a middle 4 or so at her end of junior year mocks (HL Chemistry) and is looking at a high 5/low 6 for her final grade. I went from a low 3 in SL Chemistry early in junior year to averaging 7s in HL Chemistry throughout senior year. Focus a lot on the physical chemistry topics: Stoichiometry, Energetics, Kinetics, Equilibrium, but also most importantly Bonding – Chemistry is literally all about Bonding (though of course have at least a solid understanding of all the other topics too). Master those topics and you have a great chance at a 6, provided your IA is also decent (16~/24). Work through all the exercises in the Pearson Textbook for those topics, ask friends/teachers for any questions and be prepared to spend time really thinking about the concepts before you can fully grasp it. Edit: This doesn't apply to everyone so I was hesitant about this comment, but I personally found Organic Chemistry to be an amazing grade booster. You might find your grades increasing significantly once you start covering the Organic Chemistry topics, which usually happens at senior year.
  6. My exam session is May 2017 for everything. I have some peers for exam dates I would like to share my IAs/TOK Essay/EE to, but do not want the IB to think I was plagiarising if they somehow found my work to be online and think that they are not my work. Should I simply wait until all the results come out by July 6th or is there an "approximate" safe time in around June that such files can be shared online e.g. published in personal website or via Skype. Or am I being too paranoid about the IB and underestimating their intelligence if they see my work online and think I'm plagiarising? Appreciate and happy to hear any opinions/thoughts.
  7. Economics

    Don't sweat about real life examples, especially for macro. There's really not many examples apart from common ones e.g. inflation in japan/venezuela, unemployment in spain etc. etc. Students generally aren't expected to excel in Paper 1, as can be discerned by the boundaries: 36-38/50 is enough for a 7. That means you only need to score 18-19/25 per question, which isn't easy, but not overtly difficult either – and can definitely be achieved even without examples. Such an element imo is too stressed upon – the amount of effort needed to know all specific examples for each micro and macro subtopic and then being able to apply them is time better spent elsewhere as the usual difference between a good response without an example and a good response with an example is about ~4/25 marks. That means with perfect understanding of the theory, you can achieve 42/50, more than you need for a 7, without even knowing examples. It's better simply to master the theory and your diagrams rather than wasting precious time learning specific real life examples and applying them – it's needed for the highest of mark bands, but even to get a 7 you don't need to do so. Also worth noting that a lot of the Paper 1 questions nowadays have a built-in premise that you can simply extrapolate upon to whatever country you live in e.g. question about monopoly power regarding supermarkets you can simply use a real life supermarket name/brand from your country.
  8. wipes his butt with sandpaper.
  9. If your IA is part of the sample sent to the IBO, the external moderator will adjust the final marks based on his/her discretion. Unfortunately if it's not part of the sample, the moderator won't see it, BUT its marks will still get adjusted based on what he sees from the sample. Therefore if the IA marks of the sample are deemed too harsh by the moderator, all IA marks can increase, including yours. The IA is worth 20% of your final grade. Theoretically, it is possible to achieve a 1/24 for your IA and still get a 7 overall for any of the science subjects, provided your exams are pretty much perfect. However, getting a 7/24 does get your work cut out for you in achieving a high grade – you'll need to do more than the minimum for a 5, 6, or 7 boundary in achieving such grades (in your final exams). Generally speaking, if your exams are a mid-5 – boundary for a 5 is between 56-66% – so let's say your external exams overall average to 60%, and your IA being 7/24, worth 20%.... overall your final score will be approx. 54%, which is still a 4 (for HL) Therefore you'd need need a high-5 in your exams to get a 5 overall, a very high-6 or even a low 7 just get a 6 overall etc.
  10. That sounds horrible. Have you tried reporting her to your DPC? How does she not know where the problem is when she literally grades all of your assessments? Anyways I sent you a PM. Good luck!
  11. Either would be fine in most cases. Perhaps for Literature or Law in the UK, they might prefer Literature if they see that your school offers both. But it's a very minor thing. It's more important to do whichever you like (would honestly prefer to do Lit over Lang Lit).
  12. Change my subject combination completely. Take Maths HL, Physics HL, English Literature HL, History HL, and remaining 2 SL subjects as English & Indonesian literature. I'd most likely die but honestly IB grades don't matter to universities (at least US ones) so challenge yourself to the utmost with what you enjoy learning.
  13. I played a lot of Heroes of Newerth (really toxic game lol), Overwatch, and Pokemon throughout the DP. Mostly Heroes of Newerth during DP1, but then mostly Overwatch & Pokemon Sun/Moon in DP2. It's actually good to spend time playing games as we're hardly machines that can slave over 24/7 for the IB.
  14. Okay well, before jumping too quickly on the petition, it might be better discussing it for the moment. I think in general the petition is vague. Is it referring to TZ1 or TZ2, or both? From what I've heard, both timezones had it rough, but without proper specification in the petition, there's little in which the IBO can actually enact a beneficial change for future exam sessions apart from the lowering of grade boundaries, which is just self-service. Secondly, as a TZ2 Bio HL exam taker, my opinion and that of others on the Reddit discussion thread is that Paper 1 was the real challenge of the exam – an idea not properly expressed in the petition. Whilst mention was made that all the papers were hard, "especially paper 1", without citation of the specific examples that made it hard e.g. unprecedented number of skills, application, and too much analysis unlike any paper in the past – it's rather difficult for the IBO make the necessary change if we don't pinpoint to them the exact issue. Although Paper 2 was also difficult due to the complexity of the data-based question – turtles for TZ1 and auxin plants for TZ2 – I'm not fully convinced that it demands petitioning, but would be happy to hear of a different opinion. Thirdly, I disagree with this statement: "all three papers consisted of a greater difficulty index than past exams". I, my peers in both my school and other schools, as well as what seemed to be the general sentiment on the Reddit P3 Discussion were of the mind that P3 was the easiest of the three papers, and was not of a high level of difficulty at all. It's not an unusual tactic for the IBO to make 2 difficult papers and the third a relatively easier one, or vice versa, in order to achieve the same overall grade boundary (though boundaries for the specific components would obviously differ). Though I could be wrong, my opinion is that P1 and P2 were intentionally made to be difficult, whereas P3 was intentionally made to be easy, so that the overall grade boundary would average out to be the same or similar as in previous years. Grade boundaries for P1 and P2 would likely go down in comparison to M16 or N16, whereas boundary for P3 would go up. This is supported by several comments made by my peers at other schools, as well as on Reddit's P3 discussion that Option C in TZ2 P3 was reportedly so easy that it seemed a good proportion of people having prepared for other Options simply chose to do Option C since it only demanded rudimentary skills and background knowledge. Compounded on the fact that P3 Section A had simple memory recall questions as opposed to heavy application-based questions in the past and you've got yourself quite an easy paper, relatively. Overall, I'm not wholly convinced of the need for the petition. If people found it difficult overall, which people definitely have, their performances will speak for themselves and the IBO will lower the grade boundaries regardless of a petition. I'm happy to discuss opposing arguments but right now I don't see clear justification to the petition as I've outlined above.