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  1. In what ways do Harper Lee and John Steinback examine the different facets of hope in the novels To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men?
  2. So what if I confused the names of like 3 studies? Do you think they'll mark me down a lot for that? I'm really scared because I knew all the content perfectly but in one short answer I messed up 2 study names (Hofsteder instead of Heider, Lee et al instead of Lau and Russell) and in the essay I put Perrin and Smith instead of Perrin and Spencer
  3. So should I just study those sections? And how many studies per essay should there be? In abnormal most are very short and I'm not sure how many to memorize, or how to evaluate them.
  4. Hi everyone! How did you find paper 1 of the exam? I thought it was pretty easy. Not sure I'm ready for paper 2 though
  5. So I'm only studying extended response questions from the sociocultural level since we only have to choose one, but now people are telling me that these can also appear as short answer and viceversa. How does this work?? Really worried because I don't think I'll have time to study everything...
  6. This is the structure of the exam: Paper 1 Section A. Short answer questions. All questions must be answered. 8 marks maximum awarded for each question. 1. A question on the biological level of analysis. 2. A question on the cognitive level of analysis. 3. A question on the socio-cultural level of analysis. Section B. Essay response questions. One question is answered (free choice). 22 marks maximum awarded. 1. A question on the biological perspective. 2. A question on the cognitive perspective. 3. A question on the socio-cultural perspective. Paper 2 15 questions on part 2 of the syllabus. Students choose 1 question to answer in essay form. Abnormal psychology Developmental psychology Health psychology Psychology of human relationships Sport psychology About your concerns of your class being too relaxed, my first year was also pretty chill and we were always doing projects, but almost no one gets a 7 here so maybe you should ask for someone's else's opinion
  7. Totally agree I also did section D and it was okay... Section A is another story
  8. I was worried that I just hadn't studied hard enough for the exams but reading all of your responses I am kind of relieved that the exam itself was harder than usual. I mean, I understand that we have to use our knowledge to answer things we haven't studied using logic, but, cyclins, seriously? And in paper 1 the question about dominant and recessive alleles was extremely confusing (my teacher says the answer was I, II and III). What did you answer in the question that was something like what increases the rate of traits in a population? I put mutations but was doubting between this and crossing over of alleles.
  9. You know you're in IB when you know you can text someone at 3 AM because they're probably doing the same assignment you are
  10. claudiah


    Anyone else taking the IB Biology exam in a few days? I'm almost dying from all the stuff I need to learn...
  11. I'm taking the IB Biology SL exam next month and want to hear from others who have already taken it or are planning to. I'm not really sure how many days in advance I should be studying or from where... My school has a really low average for Biology tests, a 4.3, and I got a 19/24 score on my IA. I really want to get a 6 or so, so I know I have a lot of work to do on my own. Any tips?
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