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  1. i absolutely love langlit as it is very relevant to our everyday life... you'll start to notice how medias, news, or even political personalities (cough couh trump) uses specific languages to manipulate the audience. once again, it depends on your own preference!
  2. this may be a little late.. but i also take HL psyc and HL bio, together with HL geo. I would not say that it is a super hard combo with HL psyc and bio, but as mentioned by other members there are a lot of content to memorise. Psychology is very essay based and all 3 papers are basically essays essays essays.. i believe history is the same so it is really down to your own enjoyment and strengths *to me psychology is the most interesting subject of all!!
  3. the title pretty much speaks for itself.. can i write book reviews online for creativity?
  4. How long should the answers be for and 8 mark, 22 mark and the paper 3? i am genuinely concerned ill be running out of time thanks:)!
  5. Can someone please tell me if these are good ielts scores? -listening: 8.5 -reading: 7.5 -written: 7 -Speaking:7 -Overall: 7.5 Should i retake it or leave it alone... i have checked with the unis im aiming for and they requires 7.5 for an advanced level with no score below 7... but as far as i know im only on the dot. i also took igcse first language and got an A, currently taking IB Eng LL at sl. any advice or opinions are welcomed!! thanks:)
  6. since i took both at HL i could give you some advices.. geography at the beginning requires you to use ur common sense plus little memorising. You will find it relatively easy if you have done it before and if you are good at BSing... However there are alot of case studies that you have to be familiar with. psychology is entirely essay based, and the least you have to write for a short answer q is around ~200 words. If you are not good at writing (in a short amount of time) then it will be challenging. There is also an entire library of case studies to memorise.. in my opinion psychology is really really interesting!!!!
  7. duff

    Psych EE

    so im in the process of deciding which subject to lay my ee on... and im really interested in doing it in psych as im also taking it as a HL. im kinda lost in which aspects of psychology should i focus on. i am interested in the study of personalities but i (obviously) do not have the sufficient knowledge to produce a research question for now. any small info will help x thanks:)
  8. i really wanted to get into a uni in london as i hv traveled there and fell in love with it. Does anyone know any top unis in london, except for UCL, KCL, LSE and Imperial?
  9. Yess you can take ESS as a science or a humanities, so you can technically take ESS as well with phy and chem!
  10. does the unis in the UK look heavily upon your intellectual or more on the holistic side of you? and do you think grades are more important than having outside school activities (for UK)?
  11. im starting the IB this coming school year and i dont really know which textbooks and guides to buy from. my subs: bio, psyc, geo thanks in advance!
  12. so i am choosing my subjects for next year and i am going to choose both Geo and Bio at HL. Just wondering if i dont choose chemistry, can i still do geology or related in university? Will i be worsed off if i dont choose chemistry with biology?
  13. thankyou soo much yes i might be applying to HK uni. I will have to take double lang A but at the end it really depends on my igcse results so... fingers crossed xp
  14. Is there a big difference between PSYH HL and SL? i know that hl has to write an extra paper but is there a HUGE difference? thanks
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