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  1. I am doing a database biology IA and I have hypothesised that my two variables are dependent on each other and that there will a positive correlation. However, after doing a chi-squared test I had to accept the null hypothesis and therefore concluded that the variables are independent. My correlation coefficient value also supports this weak relationship as it is 0.2. Does this mean that my investigation is invalid?
  2. @Classof18- https://signatureibbiology.wikispaces.com/file/view/IA+Example+investigation_9_e+(19+pts).pdf
  3. Hi there! The first draft of my chemistry IA is due at the end of next week and I have been searching for topics for the past 3 weeks. I trialled 2 experiments; paper chromatography with henna leaves and investigating the effectiveness of antacids through pH meter titration and they both didn't turn out as planned... I don't particularly like titrations and I'm not very good with experiments so I did consider doing a database IA, but I'm struggling to find something to investigate. I am really struggling to find either a) an investigation that doesn't involve titration, b) materials can be accessible in NZ schools, c) a topic that someone in my class isn't already doing and d) not something too generic like testing vitamin c content in foods etc. Please help! Thanks in advance
  4. I asked my teacher and she mentioned that the practical component doesn’t have to be complex, it just has to be explored well. Thoughts??
  5. Hi there! For my Biology IA, I'm thinking about doing a database investigation and investigating the relationship between a country's literacy rate and HIV infection rates. My only worry is that it is not related to the biology syllabus enough to get a good mark? I have seen the tuberculosis and HDI exemplar and that got a good mark but the syllabus relation wasn't always obvious so do you think this would be an ok topic to explore? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi there, I am thinking about doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of black and red henna dye. However, would this be too simple for Higher Level?
  7. The first draft of my EE is due in 4 days and I have come to a complete stand-still. My RQ is: To what extent and how has the increased awareness of climate change among consumers had an impact on the strategies of the aviation industry? I have a general plan with what I want to find out and how I intend my essay to be. However, I'm finding it difficult to apply specific business tools to it. I was thinking about comparing stakeholder maps from 1995 and 2016 but I am really struggling to find information about stakeholders and especially in the 1990s. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. What defines "adverse" circumstances needed to fill out a D2 form? Do they have to be life-threatening or does prolonged fatigue from glandular fever and menorrhagia from period cramps count as well?
  9. I have to do my TOK presentation in 3 weeks and I'm really struggling to come up with a main KQ. I have my RLS and my AoK is ethics. I have a few KQs that I thought of but I don't think they're quite right. Help please? RLS: For 20 years, single mother Donella Knox cared for her severely autistic daughter, Ruby. For years, she fought to get the best health care for her that she could. Donella Knox felt endlessly helpless, and hopeless, about Ruby's deteriorating health and suffering. She travelled across New Zealand, and even to the United States, seeking expert help. In May 2016, Donella Knox murdered her autistic daughter, Ruby. In December 2017, Donella was sentenced to four years in jail for Ruby’s murder. Potential KQs: To what extent is emotion a reliable way of knowing in ethics? How do we use emotion and reason to justify what is ethically correct? To what extent does a person’s knowledge play a part in making moral judgement? -if the judge hadn’t known Donella’s backstory and been able to sympathise with her, would her have given her a harsher sentence? Context. To what extent is emotion and reason used to contextualise moral judgement? Is shared knowledge necessary for making moral judgements? To what extent is it right to consider emotion in the legal system? How do we accept or reject what is right and wrong in law based on ethics?
  10. Thank you all! That was really helpful. I have to make a decision by the end of next week as the end of year is fast-approaching. The reason why I would want to move to HL History is because I want to study Law/International Relations at university and my strengths lie in the essay-based subjects (Business Management and English). I would be willing to devote a huge proportion of my summer to studying the syllabus and I feel that critical-thinking, analysing and essay-writing comes easier to me than application of chemical equations and such. The only reason I took HL Chemistry in the first place was to keep the option of studying Medicine open but I have been quite set on Law/International Relations for a while now. But I do think perfecting my Chemistry over the summer could perhaps be a better option... Ahh tough decisions!
  11. I have almost finished my first year of IB and I'm currently taking HL Chem, Business and English. I am getting 3s in Chem and I know it's only the first year and there's room for progress but I was thinking about moving from HL Chem to HL History. I would have to learn the whole syllabus over the summer which is the only issue. Recommendations or suggestions please?
  12. When writing a CUEGIS response essay and you are asked to refer to a certain business, do you only refer to one of the 6 concepts or all of them?
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