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  1. Dark Matter

    A bug? and suggestion involving sigs.

    Just shows a link for me.
  2. Dark Matter

    Where have you travelled?

    As for my own country I have been from central to the west coast, and as north as Edmonton. I have also been to the United States (driving from central Canada to LA, then back up the coast to Canada, ugh.) As well I finally left my continent at the end of March 2009 to Japan. Freaking awesome, I would go back in a heart beat if I could. Sadly nowhere else, though I wish to travel to Europe someday, or maybe anywhere else.
  3. Dark Matter

    Guess something about the next poster

    Nope, I don't even like sandwiches. Next poster has never heard a song by the band Arctic Monkeys.
  4. Dark Matter

    If I could redo the IB, I would...

    Probably take bio HL instead of physics HL. And of course I would try and not procrastinate and study far harder than I did. Oh well, fresh start in university?
  5. Dark Matter

    blurt random lyrics out!

    ♫And the world is made of energy, and the world is electricity, and the world is made of energy, and there's a light inside of you, and there's a light inside of me♫
  6. Dark Matter

    Hard to get accepted

    Did they drop completely out or just certain subjects but stayed in others? For my school a lot of people dropped to partial between pre-IB and IB1, as well as some between IB1 and IB2. Most stayed in partial though, not completely dropping out. Though some dropped all of them. Most of the partial students were in in English, History, as the courses most common to drop were math, and the sciences. Chem was the only IB science most of the partials had because we finished in during ou IB1 year. However out of the 100+ full IB students we started with we dropped down to I would say maybe 50 or so by the end. So maybe it is rather common to start with a huge class and then drop down to barely anything. At least for my school that seemed like something the teachers expected.
  7. Dark Matter

    IB-first year, lose or gain weight?

    I stayed the same all through IB1, but then I lost maybe like close to 10 pounds starting a month before May exams in IB2. That was probably because I kept missing lunch due to studying though. I then had to make some muscle to make up for it 'cause I was slipping below the ideal weight and looking pretty anorexic, gross.
  8. Dark Matter

    Psychology EE Examples

    When I was trying to pick a topic for my EE I originally wanted to do it in psychology even though I never took a class in it. However out TOK teacher said that it was best to stay away from them as (for my school anyways) the essays usually ended up being some narrative type on serial killer's and their mind set, or something like that. If you are taking a psychology course or you know a lot about it and can think of a good topic I say go for it. A psychology EE probably wouldn't be any harder than any other topic as long as you have it focused enough and you write it well. Just make sure you follow the right guidelines and you should be set. Talk to a teacher at your school who would know about psycholocy essays as well. Good luck (:
  9. Dark Matter

    Compare the IB to your country's 'own' educational system

    I am located in Manitoba, Canada. For our high school curriculum it is basically the same for English and History (depending on the teacher, there is no strict cirriculum for history). For the rest of the classes the teachers spend the first part of the last year of IB the teachers at my school finish teaching us the regular high school cirriculum (this may be different for the other IB school in the area. Also our school is not a full IB school, there are also regular classes). So for Math SL we did pre-cal for term one, and then rushed through all the IB topics in the last semester (all of it shoved in from Feb to Apr, gah). So after we did our provincial exam in pre-cal we were done with that and told that what we had learnt was basically irrelavent to anything for IB. Chem SL was basically the same way, after our midterm we were done our high school requirements and then we began our IB topics. So basically our school pretty much procrastinates in teaching us anything that IB actually wants us to learn. Physics HL was basically a mix of IB and regular all thoughout the 2 years of it. Japanese/Spanish/French was mixed with regular nonIBers and IB students. So the IB students just had to go more in depth than the others. So basically for all IB students by the time we were half way through grade 12 we had all our required credits to graduate. Then at teh end of year we had advanced credits for each of our IB courses as well. Therefore we would get both a regular high school diploma and (if in full IB and not partial) the IB diploma as well. Bonus I guess. Not that any university or college cares in the end *sigh*
  10. Dark Matter


    The first year of IB classes I had one spare right after chemistry, so I used this spare as a time to just relax and goof off. Mainly I played cards. I mastered Slap However when April approached and I only had my chem IB exam to do that year I used my spare to go over my notes and organize eveything. Then after my spare was lunch so I used that time to actually study. So my spare was like a very relaxed study time. Then after my chem exam was over we still had until June for classes so the spare turned into a time to prepare for that. Sadly for my final year in IB I only had a spare the first semester every second day last slot. I used that to go home early and sleep. Then the didn't have any spares left for the rest of teh year. Boo. So basically like Sandwich said above, use your spares the way you need to depending on the day. If you don't have much work to do that day (Or maybe it's a Friday and you want to just relax ) you can just hang out with friends during your spare. Then on days when you have lots to do you can just work through your whole spare.
  11. Dark Matter

    Best class moments

    One of the memories I have from my chem class year before last was that the classroom was right beside windows that looked out to the road. So every so often a person would walk by and we woudl all stop what we were doing and just stare them down as they woalked past. Even our teacher would join in. As well for chem class we were talking about batteries and bleach and how it would be a BAD idea to put a car battery in a bucket of bleach. So one of the students was like "Why? What would happen if we did?" Then my teach goes to say, "I can see you 5 years form now with police officers at your door and you saying 'I'm sorry officer, I was just trying to clean my battery'" We had fun with that for a while. For physics class like the week before classes ended and we started studying our butts off for May exams we spent about half an dhour making shadow puppets while our teacher looked something up. We even Googled 'How to make good shadow puppets' and tried them out. We did not learn about digital devices like we were supposed to that day, but we did learn how to make a shadow turtle. A very cool shadow turtle.
  12. Dark Matter

    Body Piercings

    I'll think about putting up a poll of some sort. Need to figure out what I would put first, but I will most likely add one when I do. I noticed that pain of piercings was one thing mentioned on here when they first see piercings. This probably won't make you think any differently after but I thought I would throw it out there anyways. I have my ears pierced as well as my lip and if I were to say which hurt more ears would be my immediate answer. Perhaps it was the way they were pierced (It was that gun that like shoots the earring directly into your ear, so no needle first, just the earrings piercing it) but the pain was fiery hot and stung for hours after. However for my lip it was an intial sting from teh needle to pierce it and then nothing. It throbbed a bit after the ring was placed in but other than that it was virtually painless. I cannot say if other piercings are like this, and I can certainly say without getting a tattoo myself that those would be dreadfully painful.
  13. Dark Matter

    Do you use Twitter?

    I don't use Twitter mainly because I don't see the point. A friend of mine got it to stalk a celeb, and then deleted it like a week later because ti was boring. I much prefer Facebook because it has apps that you can use and is much more than just posting things like "I am showering" "Going for a walk" and other pointless activities people do throughout the day. As for the moving onto Facebook from MySpace I did not do that as I never had a MySpace account. I felt that MySpace was a place for creepers to look you up and stalk you. Facebook is probabaly not much better, but at least you can set your account to private and make it practically impossible for otehrs to find you if you so wish.
  14. Dark Matter

    Help desk - Mini-questions about IBSurvival features

    I wasn't sure if this was teh place to ask, but is it possible to add a poll to a topic that I have already started?
  15. Dark Matter

    Body Piercings

    While walking around a small town near my own a friend of mine kept making comments about how my lip ring made me stand out as a city girl and that people around us will think, "Boy, that girl is trouble". So I was curious as to what inital judgement people actually have when they see body piercings of any sort. As well as if all body piercings give off the same message or do certain ones provoke stronger judgement than others. I know people always make inital judgements whether they admit it or not, so go ahead and voice these, I won't be offended as I know people make judgement on way strange things than just piercings.

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