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  1. Equally, some university are good for certain subjects and not for others. You have to 'shop' around and see which town, course etc is going to suit you best. Ther is a best university for you, but that may not be the same as my best uni
  2. Yeah, I would certainly say that this is possible to do. I believe that doing a hands on experiment type will allow you to go into detail with your own experimental values. Make sure you do the experiment correctly though. I am also certain that there will be a good deal of research already done, and use this to back up what you find, or if you find something different, look to why. Do some reading around, see if you can find data for what you want to do, get in touch with people and see where it takes, you. As a farmer myself, I like it. (though we don't use pesticides)
  3. Kirkton Farm Hmm, I think thats the person who used this computer before me...
  4. You know you are in IB when your bag weighs more than you do...
  5. Certainly here in the UK they are totally different, and a university is seen as much better than a college. Colleges tend to be for more practical aspects, and ones that don' t require high academic grades. You could do plumbing, agriculture, carpentry etc at a college, whereas a university you would do English, Geography, Geology etc
  6. I would say it totally depends what mood the examiner is in when he/she reads it. If they are in a reasonably good mood, they may see the funny side of it but if not they might not like it at all. I wouldn't think there is anything you can do now, so I think you just have to work hard at all your other subjects to get the best grade that you can
  7. Normal person. I would hate the fame of being a celebrity. Would you rather do a job you want to do, or do a job that makes you very rich
  8. I would personally get down to a past paper, and whenever you don't understand a question, go to your textbook to find out the answer. IF you feel really dedicated, at this point try some similar questions to the one you found hard, then return to the past paper and carry on
  9. You are a legend, thanks for providing these notes here
  10. Change the past: I made a pretty big mistake at the start of this school year... I try to not go back to it though Would you rather get 36 points tomorrow or keep going with IB for another year and get 43
  11. I completed my IOP on Death of Salesman in the last term. It was my favorite out of all the books we read. (they were Death of a salesman, Great Gatsby and some poems)
  12. Hardest Subject: HL Physics or HL Chemistry. Both are hard Easiest: HL Geography ( I do intend to study geography at uni) or SL English
  13. Especially in the first year, you need to keep your outside life going. You will just get depressed if you completely pull yourself from chilling. My top tip is to not use to do lists. Something like half the things put on to do lists never get done on average. Instead, if you are computer savy, use your email calendar and schedule everything in, with a time. If you don't get it done, have a look for the next free slot in your calendar and slot it in there. That will keep you on top of everything you need to do.
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