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  1. Hey Guys! I have a bit of an issue now; both my Spanish ab inito teacher and my anthropology teacher for IB have left my school and as my school is in Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is really hard for the school to find replacements which probably means for at least the next semester, I won't have teachers for those subjects. This means I will fall behind completely; Spanish ab initio I already find hard because I don't have clear notes and anthropology is so vague and ambiguous and our last teacher had no experience in the IB thus does anyone have any notes or anything that could help me or my class mates from dying a slow death??? Thank You!!!
  2. Hey Guys We've just been introduced to our EE at school and I was thinking about doing mine in psychology. I currently take HL psych so I have some background. I was thinking about discussing and contrasting depression in the US versus in China; this stems from the recent discovery of how in China depression tends to be more of physical symptoms like headaches whereas in the US it's more anxiety and such. This topic is somewhat narrow though and I am worried that I may not be able to find all the necessary studies I would need for the EE. Anyone have any opinions / thoughts / help? Any other EE ideas would also be greatly appreciated Thank You!!!
  3. Currently I am taking HL Bio, Psychology and Anthropology as well as SL French AB Initio, Math Studies and English A Lang Lit. But I am finding I really don't like HL Bio and in university, I want to study either Psychology, International Relations or Political Science and I don't know whether I should switch English to higher and Bio to SL. Any recommendations would be amazing !! Thank you
  4. Hi Guys - So in September, I'll be starting the IB and below are the subjects I've chose: HL Anthropology, HL Psychology, HL Biology SL Math Studies, SL French Ab Inito, SL English Language and Literature I was wondering if it would be beneficial to switch Anthropology to Standard and English to Higher? Or just looking for any advice. Thank you so much !!
  5. We were debating in English class what we should do, any ideas?
  6. Hi There! I was just wondering how much would I need to memorise for HL History, Bio and Psych. I know its a lot so I was wondering if switching Eng Lang Lit to higher and Bio to Standard would be better. Thank you!
  7. Hi there! My IB subjects choices are due in tomorrow and I still cannot narrow it down between the two combinations I have at the moment. My two combinations are: 1. HL Eng Lang Lit, Psych, Bio - SL Spanish Ab Initio, Math Studies, Theatre 2. HL History, Psych, Bio - Sl Spanish Ab Initio, Math Studies, Eng Lang Lit I honestly don't know what to do right now as I want to study anthropology in the future. Please help. Thank you!
  8. I know it's not offered at many schools but I was just wondering if anyone has any experience in it? I want to know because I am currently applying to UWC and if I get to go to my college of choice, I would be able to study it. Any information would be great, Thanks!!!
  9. So recently, my mum and I have been looking at UWC's I can apply to and we have narrowed the list down. I currently plan on directly applying to (since I cannot apply through Great Britain National Committee nor Hong Kong National Committee); UWC Mahindra College UWC Mostar UWC Costa Rica I get quite good grades on average (45 - 49 MYP Grades) and participate in a lot of extracurricular activities including team sports, tutoring and community volunteering. Does anyone have any advice or opinions etc on applying to UWC? What would my chances be? I really would like to get into a UWC because I love what they are about and also they get very high IB grades on average. Thank You! Edit: Also, how do you determine what committee to apply for as I'm currently looking at the info and I may be able to qualify.
  10. I'm currently looking at choosing DP subjects and I really want to take French Ab Initio but my school only offers it online. What is the online course like? I understand you must be self motivated but I can do that. Is the online course as efficient as teaching in real life. Should I choose it?
  11. So as I'm doing Pre-IB/MYP at the moment, my school is making us choose our subjects relatively early. So far I've got HL Lang Lit, HL Psychology, HL Biology, SL Chinese B/French Ab Initio, SL History, SL Mathematical Studies I was just wondering if this was a good combination of subjects. I want to pursue a degree in Psychology when I'm older, I will be going to the UK from HK. So I'm most likely going to study for a MA (Master of Arts, but can also be seen as a Bachelor of Arts/Humanities as I'll most likely study in Scotland). So are these subject choices suitable?
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