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  1. That was me with some of my subjects. I learnt a musical version of some topics aha
  2. Hahahahaha, make your studying into a pun session and maybe you'll remember the whole syllabus hahaha.
  3. I know right. Don't trust atoms, I heard they make up everything...
  4. Two subjects I am not a huge fan of! aha, don't worry. You got this!
  5. I have 2 more subjects to go! Don't worry, you will get through it!
  6. That is a good text, you're correct. Hope it goes all well for you. So nerve-wracking isn't it?
  7. Oh, the crucible is such a nice text to do it on. I didn't study that this year, but I do like that text generally.
  8. Really? I found paper 1 was really to annotate. I know a lot of people didn't like paper 1 because they chose the wrong text to annotate and realised afterwards that they should not have chosen it. I did question...3 i think. I can't remember the number aha.
  9. English paper 1 was not too bad, in my opinion. paper 2 was slightly frustrating for me but I hope it was okay! It wasn't hell, but it wasn't amazing either. you?
  10. HL: Visual arts, English A Lit & Lang and Business and management SL: Math Studies, ESS and french ab
  11. ah, I'm just so nervous still. I hope the rest of your exams go well!
  12. My IA was pretty good. So that's a plus. Paper 2 was a lot better too, I'm pretty sure I scored a good amount of marks in that. (well hopefully, aha!)
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