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  1. I did the same exact questions! What did you mention for the one about the allies?
  2. Hi! I found it great too, for the questions of causes of outbreak of ww1 what did you mention? What i understood is that they were asking you to focus on the short-term causes and discuss why the outbreak of war was in the year 1914, therefore I didn't mention long term causes. How did you interpret it?
  3. My teacher told us that the only acceptable answers were hydrosulfurization for pre combustion and flue-gas desulfurization for post-combustion.. I don't know if it's true or not but he is an ib examiner
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzX8C6jQG8TDd0ZMc0Fqcm9NeGc/view
  5. Well a 7 has never been over 78% so that isn't really high compared to other subjects..
  6. Yeah that's true! I had no idea of what the answer was for the pre combustion and post combustion sulfur oxide!! And also the one on the definition of oxidation.. But in the end if you think about it grade boundaries in chem SL are always quite low so I hope they won't go up too much
  7. Hey! For me it was the opposite! I know i got like 18 right max in paper 1 as I found it quite hard compared to past ones I did, but actually found paper 2 quite easy, I expected a lot worst and fortunately nearly no organic chemistry!
  8. Same! I said that the conditions germany was in and the things he did allowed him to get support. Like for example the fact that the Weimar republic people were seen as the "november criminals" and this was exploited by hitler to gain support or when the depression occured meant that people were looking for more extremist parties ecc ecc
  9. Actually i think that was question 2 I did question 3 which was on air power and sea power and the significance in one twenty century war!
  10. Oh ok I had no idea haha! I hope i don't lose too many marks for not mentioning that.. anyways I think my first essay was the one which I did better! What essay did you do other than Hitler?
  11. Hey! So how did you evaluate the extent? I did the conditions that allowed him to gain support taking about weimar republic and depression and then the methods he used: violence and his own personal skills. However I said that in 1932 support actually increased because the Nazi party had 230 seats in the Reichstag whilst in 1928 they only had 12.. why do you think that support decreased in 1932?
  12. SO 24h have gone.. How did you find it? Personally I think it was ok, I did question 3 on war power and sea power in ww1 and question 13 on the reasons for and the extent of support for hitler up to jan 1933.
  13. I think that if you explain it well you can do any duagram because the question didn't specify which diagram to use so that usually means there is more than one acceptable diagram!
  14. Yes! I showed that the shift in supply caused a decrease in price which was proportionally bigger!
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