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  1. From the IBO website: Activity - physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, complementing academic work elsewhere in the DP. From an outdated IBO Subject Brief: Action - physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Pursuits may include individual and team sports, dance, outdoor recreation, fitness training, and any other form of physical exertion that purposefully contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Doesn't appear to be different at all Do they fit the description above? If so, yes!
  2. I've uploaded the Extended Essay Guide for Mathematics - unless you've read the entire thing, don't choose a topic just yet. Read the guide first, and try finding some examples online. Read through them entirely (they're long reads), and ask yourself: Did I fully understand the mathematics grounding this essay? From the 8 examples I found and read, after my first read through for each - I didn't fully understand any of the 8 examples. The maths was very confusing and it took me a few read throughs to fully understand them. That is what my IB Coordinator says to look for. A good mathematics extended essay should have maths that wouldn't be immediately understood by anyone taking HL Math on their first read through. They are research papers after all - if the paper was grounded entirely in prior knowledge there wouldn't be any research going into them - right? The essay is graded out of 36 possible marks. 20 of those marks are for how you have written your research paper (research question, introduction, investigation, conclusion, etc...) and the 16 remaining marks are for how you have met your subject specific criteria (refer to the guide I've uploaded). That's a good start for what level is expected from us. For example, my favorite read was an example essay about the 3n + 1 conjecture - it read really well and I enjoyed the format the student chose, and his / her way of tackling the question. I chose to do something similar, and write my extended essay on the Riemann Hypothesis, in similar fashion. I'll be talking on the hypothesis' origin, it's specifics, the function and how it was derived, creating my own method to derive the function (if possible), introduce it's "family" of functions, attempt to solve the hypothesis (obviously not going to happen, but that's not the point) through inductive and computational attempts, and briefly touch on the applications of the hypothesis. Ultimately - read the guide, read some examples, and write up a long list of topics. Not 1 or 2 - 4 or 5 at least. For each one, think or write about how you would write on the topic, and if you handed it to a friend in your maths class, would they be able to understand your paper on a first read through. Then, pick a topic, stick with it, and get going! EE Guide - Mathematics.pdf
  3. Hello, I don't know if this is the right forum to post in - but I'm starting my SL French course next semester in September 2016 through May 2017 and wanted to find someone to have conversations with on a regular basis to improve my abilities. I live in Ontario, Canada in EST (GMT+4). I was probably one of the worst french students in my french courses leading up to this and I definitely want to change this before next semester, and thought having someone to talk to would be fantastic in improving my skills orally. If you are having trouble learning English or Polish, I can definitely help improve your abilities in either language while we talk as well. EDIT: forgot to mention, this would be over Skype or some other form of web communication
  4. Hello, For my Biology IA, I'm going to be investigating the effect of CO2 on mold growth in the life of strawberries. Essentially, I'm going to inoculate a group of strawberry halves with Rhizopus Stolonifer, place them into an incubator, control it's CO2 level, and record the molds growth over a period of days using a time lapse camera. I'm then going to calculate the rate of mold growth on the strawberry using calculus and analyze the results. The most troubling part of this is the method of controlling the CO2 level within the incubator. Originally, I was simply going to place a solution of yeast, sugar, and water in a corner of the incubator, and increase the yeast / sugar concentration (increasing the CO2 generated). However, this would of led to a loose conclusion, as I could really only relate the mold growth change to a change in yeast / sugar concentration, and not CO2 directly. So, now, my method was to place a CO2 sensor within the incubator, and have a controllable source of CO2. Essentially, I'd set a setpoint for the CO2, and the source would release CO2 into the incubator until the setpoint was reached, and shut off. If the CO2 level diminished, the source would be reactivated until the setpoint was reaching again. Now comes the issue - what would the CO2 source be? After some research and visiting nearby hardware stores, purchasing an empty CO2 tank, filling it, purchasing the necessary gauges and solenoid valves, would cost upwards of $300, often more. On the other hand, purchasing a few bottles of pop for a party, drinking and emptying them, filling them with yeast, sugar, and water, attaching them to a couple of check valves and a solenoid valve, would cost less than $20. Here's my proposed setup: I've already purchased the CO2 Sensor (using the school's budget), and our school's robotics course teacher is a good friend of mine and I can borrow his arduino's. I've also found an $8 solenoid valve online, and our school has check valves. I've had the time lapse camera for a while, and the CO2 generators are a warehouse store's purchase away. The setup is essentially ready, although I feel like there's an issue somewhere, specifically the CO2 storage. Now, maybe I just can't think at all at this moment and am going crazy, but wouldn't the CO2, after being created in the generators, head to the storage, and overfill it because of the air already present in there, eventually causing a rupture? Or would this not happen? How can I fix this if it would? Thank you so much!