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  1. For the Malus's Law you just had to do Cos0 which is 1 and then the amplitude was 16 so there you go
  2. Yeah I did, Whether or not the answers were correct is another story.
  3. Chose question 5 and wrote about Gatsby and A doll's House. Wrote 8 pages
  4. I did Text 1. Lol most of my friends chose the same, cause there was barely anything to write about in text 2. I was hoping there would have been a better text 2 so when I read it I was like yep... nope back to text 1. HAHAA. But anyways what did you guys write about for text 1?? Btw my friend wrote 9 pages about text 2. I was legit on my second page of my first booklet and I looked at him and he was just starting his second booklet. I was like WTF??!! HAHAHA
  5. First week I have: Eng and phys (P1 & P2) Second week: Phys P3, Maths (P1 &P2) Spanish Ab (P1 & P2) Chem (P 1,2&3) Psych P1 Third week: Psych P2&3 and the Maths P3
  6. Hahah, Yeah I'm not that lucky lol, I have a span of 9 exams in 5 days
  7. Going to Carleton, Ottawa to study mech eng. (cba to write it all out) How are you feeling with paper 3? My Ideal paper 3 would be a Maclaurins q, radius of convergence, and l'Hopital's Rule
  8. 32 w/o TOK and EE Wbu? And Any idea where you applying for next year?
  9. We were Never taught the Tabular method, so I just stay strictly to the formula booklet, after all, it is like a bible to me. HAHA Any advice for a confidence booster?
  10. HL Maths HL Physics (Both Stupid choices) hahaha HL Psychology SL English SL Chem (Dropped from HL, Best decision I've ever made) Spanish abinitio WBU?
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