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  1. I personally wouldn't take History SL. You'll end up doing a lot of work anyways, and paper 3 is actually usually easier than paper 2 (at least for me it is, and from what I've heard its pretty common), so by taking HL you actually don't do that much more but you'll be more likely to get a better grade. (My teacher actually said that in some schools they recommend weaker students to take HL instead of SL because they're more likely to do better when their grade isn't so dependent on what they get from paper 2.) And if you'll need HL math for university etc take it, but if you won't, I'd think twice about it. It's pretty hard, and even though I've always been good at math and usually work hard it was still my weakest subject and at times I would have wished nothing more than to go back and take SL, would have probably left me with much more time to concentrate on my other subjects.
  2. lollero

    History HL P3

    I was really surprised about the Hitler and Mussolini one, I thought that since the syllabus says "domestic and foreign policy", it meant that we didn't need to know about their rise to power so I knew next to nothing about Mussolini's... But overall the paper was OK, I answered the appeasement, outbreak of WW1 and Lenin ones. Kind of bummed though 'cause I got really nervous at the beginning of the paper and just froze and hence my first essay (the appeasement one) was not that good even though the subject was really familiar for me..... Oh well.
  3. My teacher said that if there's a question where you have to consider two wars, it's okay to answer about WW2 in the west and the east; this is true, right? Also, if I wanted to answer that kind of a question by using e.g. WW1 and WW2, then would I have to choose which "part" of WW2 to consider and would I lose points for talking about both the war in Europe and pacific as well as WW1?
  4. lollero

    General Examination Inquiries

    Is it true that we need to send our planning papers/etc to the IBO as well? If so, should I attach it after all the other sheets or as the first one, and do I need to number it like the other pages?
  5. lollero


    I just did a past paper (may 2010) with the question "describe the events that occur during mitosis" and the mark scheme didn't mention cytokinesis so I don't think so
  6. Because that's what my teacher says but I find it weird that there's nothing said about it in the instructions of past papers or in the syllabus.
  7. lollero

    History SL/HL Help

    First, a quick question: can the Algerian conflict be used to answer a question about civil wars? And second, how exactly should I use historiography? Because until now I've added small references in my essays (e.g. someone did this and this and that; although it can be argued that he did this to do this, historian X has stated that this was to (do the thing I am arguing for)) but I don't think has been the right way to do it? And I'm afraid that it seems too much like name-dropping which I guess would be worse that not having any historiography at all.
  8. I have an experiment in which I measure for 5 different values. I know that I should probably design in so that several trials were done for each value (5?), but as each measurement takes around 15 minutes to do, it seems a bit unrealistic to plan for an experiment that would take at least 6.5 hours; however, if I design it so that only one or two trials are made I'm worried that I'll be penalised for not having a sufficient amount of data gathered. So, how important is it to take into account the time taken for the experiment in the design?
  9. lollero

    The UCAS Thread

    Are the predicted grades meant to be submitted with the application? I'm starting to get worried, since my IB coordinator has said that the predicted grades will be gotten from the mocks which will be held in March! So if my referee doesn't add them to the application before sending it off (if he hasn't done that already), what do I do?
  10. Thank you so much! And if you don't mind answering a couple more questions, I have been wondering if it's frowned upon to apply for several degrees in the same university (apparently if you do it in UCAS it makes them think that you're overenthusiastic or something)? And also I think somewhere it said that if non-standard applicants don't send the necessary documents within a week from sending the application it won't be processed, so do I need to contact them and tell them that I'll be sending the results later or will it be obvious if I state that I'm taking the exams in May 2012 in the description box?
  11. I read through the handbook but I'm still unclear on what the application process actually is. As someone from outside Ireland I think I am a Non-Standard Applicant, but I don't even really get what that means. And do I need to send a personal statement and reference like with UCAS? Do I need to send predicted grades at some point or do I just wait for the actual results? If someone has applied through there or has a better understanding of the system, I would really appreciate the help!
  12. For instance, should we have to figure out ourselves what to measure, or should the instructions be really clear and step-by-step? Because we just did a Bio lab about enzyme activity and we were only told to add H2O2 to different organic substances and then to observe what happens without any clear instructions on what to measure. It just seemed a bit unfair, as, after all, the method would have been assessed for what we would have measured and how.
  13. I'd get an abortion. I feel that it would make getting over the experience so much harder, having to be daily reminded by it by having the raper's baby. And why would I ever want to bring a child to the world that's father was a rapist? Not that one's potential to rape is determined by genes, but still there's something so very very very wrong with a person who would do something that horrible and I would not ever help them produce offspring. In addition I feel that pregnancy and childbirth is such a grueling thing that it should be only done when you have a husband/wife there to support you and not just because you happened to get pregnant as a mistake.
  14. lollero

    Nervous breakdowns

    I'm about to have one now since I have my WLA1 and TOK essay first drafts as well as a written task due next week and next to no time to do them. Also once had one over how ****ty our Biology teacher is (e.g. we haven't done any proper labs or even talked about IA's and we're in IB2. When I asked why, his answer was that he still hadn't got around to marking our "labs" that we did A YEAR AGO).
  15. When do I get to know what I got for my Extended Essay? Is it when I get my exam results back? What about the IAs (some teachers are telling us as we are doing them but some are not)?

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