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  1. No way, did IB officially say that?
  2. Statistics and probability~ Good luck to the both of you!
  3. Are you guys ready for tomorrow's paper? What option are you taking up?
  4. Who's taking Statistics and Probability as an Options topic for Paper 3? What topic do you find most difficult, and how are you preparing for the exam?
  5. Sorry for very late reply~ The paper went really well!
  6. it completely depends on your interests and subject requirements for universities. A lot of people in my grade took this subject combination and have no problem haha
  7. The questions I have were given to my by my teacher, but there are many notes and possibly questions for the case study online. They're very useful
  8. nice nice hahaha what else do you listen to?
  9. I don't remember what paper I got it from, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it. I wouldn't tell you otherwise. If the pdf or cdf is not mentioned, examiners wouldn't make out what was used, possibly loosing marks in the workings. In the ms you've posted, @maturk, this isn't shown, but it wouldn't hurt to write it down. Better safe than sorry. And sure, IB knows more than my teacher, but it makes more sense to write it down than not to. Cheers.
  10. I thought Paper 2 was so much easier than Paper 1. Hoping to do well in Paper 3 too.
  11. idk if we got the same question but if the log question was the simultaneous one, i got e^something for both x and y.
  12. I did lmao, mark schemes include calculator notations.
  13. He said there wasn't any specimen paper for math this year. sigh.
  14. Yeah, but I guess that's kinda obvious lmao You still have to write whether you used pdf of cdf so you gotta write the calculator language along with the mathematical notations.
  15. Thanks, you too! If you have any problems regarding subject choices, etc., feel free to PM here