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  1. Professional student


    Here is an answer in more detail for you:
  2. Professional student

    Rate equation

    Hi allthebest, I've also made a video to answer your question. Please skip to 10:05. Let me know if you are still confused and I'll make a clearer video. Mr Weng.
  3. Professional student

    can i used HL content in my SL IA

    From the workshops I've been to as an IB Chemistry teacher (3 of them) they love it when you go outside the syllabus, such as with the old syllabus using the Nearst equations, or using partial pressures. Go for it.
  4. Professional student

    IB Chemistry Help

    I found if I read the textbook the day before I didn't even need the teacher. Now that I'm a Chemistry teacher I recommend you read the textbook before class or watch the videos of the topic you will cover. My own: Mr Weng website and channel (I also have quizzes on all topics that are free to use) or others: MSJChem website and channel Richard Thornley channel
  5. Professional student


    You could buy a soil nitrogen kit and ramp it up to IB standards by using a spectrophotometer and Beers Law with some standards.
  6. Professional student

    My teacher is new to IB - anything I should be aware of?

    I have PPTs videos and quizzes for the whole syllabus. www.mrweng.weebly.com I'm an IB Chemistry teacher so my powerpoints and videos cover the entire syllabus. I've been told that a lot of schools in the US teach AP and just add on the IB exams as an extra. I'm only teaching IB and am in an international school so you can get all you need to learn here. You can also try msjchem's youtube chanel and website. He also has all the syllabus points, as well as videos. My YouTube channel is: Mr Weng.
  7. Professional student

    My teacher is new to IB - anything I should be aware of?

    Have them use my website: http://mrweng.weebly.com/

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