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  1. Hi, so I take Visual Arts HL (now Y13), and am preparing my artworks for exhibition 2017. Would I be in any sort of trouble if I published photographs, sketches, etc. onto the internet? For example, could Turn-it-in find it and penalise me (based on the same photographs, writing, etc.) even if the work was completely mine anyway? I understand that the IB is extremely strict when it comes to plagiarism, so I have refrained from doing so so far... but I had this idea a while ago because I think writing it out informally at first, maybe even presenting it online to an audience and getting feedback on techniques/processes etc. would be good for my final write-up/projects. Can anyone help me out here? >_<
  2. You can look for concept art and source those instead uwu
  3. Generally the theme as I understand it is just a guiding helper for your body of work. I read an IB Guide that said it can literally be anything, even "Things that Make Me Happy"... lol I would suggest trying to find out what you're attracted to and trying to find those elements in your existing work. Or just find something that links all your work together and use it as your theme.
  4. Oh I think my CAS coordinator just told us to have a mandated 50 hours each because they still say it should be "about 150 hours" Thanks I got my explanation from: http://paxonsas-ib.weebly.com/what-is-cas.html
  5. They don't count hours anymore? What does that mean?
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