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  1. Survivor Rob

    Will I even have a chance of getting an offer?

    I just got into Cambridge to study History with a matriculation offer (I ended up getting 37 points). I don't know what I was predicted but it definately wasnt 777 at HL or even 776 for that matter. I did Maths HL and my school did not cope with it well at all. I ended up with a 4 Anyway it just proves that with unis such as Oxbridge that really don't care about all the subjects your doing, they are only interested in the ones relating to the subject you wish to study. As long as you ace the interview and have a prediction of 7 in HL History you stand a great chance. I see you are doing HL Art - thats a great example of a subject they really wont care that much about =) as long as you have that 7 in History and possibly English. And I'm sorry but to Foresters comment about how you will be 'owned' by anyone with 776 or above - that's just not true. Oh and also put all your effort into producing a great EE in history - you can send it to Cambridge as a piece of written work, and if it's good I'm sure you will impress them If you want any more advice or info just ask, I'd love to help
  2. Survivor Rob

    History Paper 1 + Paper 2 (MAY08)

    This might be me being stupid, but I don't think there was a causes of WW1 and WW2 question on our exam paper? *confused* Is there two time zones or something? lol?! I definately know that the first question for our paper was causes of wars, but it was like the arab israeli wars or something that we havent studied lol...=S Anyway I did the question on why WWI wasn't just confined to Europe and Hitler's rise to Power.
  3. Ouch! But just to let you know your not the only person that did that! My friend did it aswell! So my guess is there are quite a lot of people that make these mistakes, and plus as long as your other two papers are good you should come out with a pretty decent mark Theres always room for a few errors on every exam paper EDIT: Plus you have your coursework/internal assessments so if they were good you should be ok, and not answering one of those extended answer responses is probably only ~5% overall.
  4. Survivor Rob

    Biology Paper 1-3 (MAY08)

    To be honest, the wording was fine for me on Paper 2 - however one or two of my options questions were quite lame Discuss this discuss that ergh...I prefer questions where you either know it or you don't, not vague 'discuss' questions! Overall it was good though Made one stupid mistake on Paper 1 gurrr was about to change my answer so that green-blue bacteria prokaryotes photosynthesised but for some stupid reason I didn't! Oh well just one mark Let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite me
  5. Survivor Rob

    Chemistry Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    The acids and bases question was quite straight forward/i think i got lucky - you just had to arrange pk equation and then shove in the value of [H+] into the log formula - I did questions 5 and 6 for the 2nd part - had a mind blank on explaining why the boiling points were different at the end of the bonding one though =/ oh well it's over!
  6. Survivor Rob

    Maths Paper 2 (MAY08)

    I found Paper 1 harder than Paper 2, which could be a bad sign...lol
  7. The IB makes so many mistakes with the exam papers!! First of all there was a mistake in the ENGLISH yes ENGLISH SL prose option and then they go and miss something off in the Maths Studies paper 1! My friend was not amused Do they ever get it right? Exams have gone well so far for me so I'm not complaining but yeah this incomplete data booklet is a bit ridiculous lol...
  8. Survivor Rob

    History of Europe Paper 3 (MAY08)

    You did notice that the causes of WWII was directed at why it broke out in 1939 and not earlier/later didnt you? I think quite a lot of people made that mistake! :/
  9. Survivor Rob

    Popular Studying Techniques

    I've been told I have a photographic memory, I just read something and it goes in. I hate making repetitive notes, it doesn't help. All I do is think back to the page in the text book where the answer is and I can usually remember it. So yeah just reading for me, I guess I'm lucky! It really helps for french vocab!
  10. Survivor Rob

    ManHunt 2

    It's banned where I live so I don't know, I did see a crazy/very cool looking Wii that had a Manhunt theme to it and its all blood stained I think you can win it through some prize draw on a website
  11. Survivor Rob

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    Last month I went to bed at 2:30am every night for a week lol. I had to write an essay a night just to get all my work in on time.
  12. Survivor Rob

    Stephen Colbert Running For President!

    Yeah, I do like Hilary but didn't she dump the Presidential cat when Bill Clinton left the White House. I think i read that she gave it to a Secretary....She's lost my vote! [/cat.admirer.rant] (That's if I could vote anyway....)
  13. You could always get a private tutor and then just get your school to enter you for the exam. Or.... go to a school that offers Physics!...yeh i know, thats probably not going to happen but i do know people that have done this in the past.
  14. Survivor Rob

    TOK, class or no?

    Do you guys have to fill in a journal for TOK?? My school makes us fill it in EVERY week after the lesson (we have 3 periods of TOK a week, 35 mins each) In theory it should get people to 'reflect' on their work, but it just ends up with most people frantically copying from those of us *cough* who actually fill them in when the teachers say they want to see them.
  15. Survivor Rob

    Your Worst Subject

    *nods* I have to agree, and it sure will help me with my Cambridge interview

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