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  1. Well in order to get an average bond enthalpy of C-F bondyou need the energy needed to break one bond and in CF4 you have four C-F bonds. So you divide it by four to get the energy needed for one mole of C-F bonds. Since now you have 1/4 CF4, you need to balance out the equation, which means you get 1/4 C and F. It goes from the definition of the bond enthalpy which you should be familiar with Hopefully that helped!
  2. Yes, you can go beyond the syllabus
  3. Very interesting and complex enough for an IA!
  4. I think the third one is good! In the first one you would probably have issues with background data and you know sunscreen is for humans, and you are using plants, so if the results are reliable and what conclusion can you draw from that and probably you would not be able to show your knowledge in biology. That's just what I think, but I don't have much knowledge in the area. This second one seem fine, but all the controlled variables you need to consider... You can just adjust the pH and see how it affects the growth of one plant, but then you need to see the acidity of soil in your area and see what plants are growing there. I don't know, I think it's too vague for an EE, maybe if you focus it a little bit. Third one is a nice experiment, probably with loads of background data that you can use for research and also you can draw clear conclusions from it while also discovering something interesting for you. It's clearly linked to biology and touches upon the syllabus, so you can show your knowledge of the subject. Those are my first impressions, but again, I didn't work with most of the material you proposed to investigate, so I'm no expert
  5. Honestly, it depends what is your strong side. French B HL is not very hard, you have to read a book on which you base your WA and then you have harder texts on paper 1 and an additional text to write in paper 2. If you like French or you're good at it, it is easy. While French B SL is almost too easy for anyone who is good at French... English A (L&L) HL demands some real additional work, you do comparative analysis (so compare and analyse two texts) instead just plain analysis of one text in paper 1, you do two written tasks, one of which is a real essay (not creative writting which imitates a text type like article or short story etc) and you have more books to read (6 and not 4), so that means more passages for your oral exam and more books to choose from for paper 2. Honestly, if you enjoy literature, you will enjoy HL, but seeing you want medicine, I think SL will be good enough. Hopefully that helps!
  6. You know it is not marked on creativity, but on how well do you understand the book... You can be creative, but it should ALL be supported by the facts from the book that you refer to. For example, if a detail is not well explained in the book, or a situation is not told, but it is mentioned and you know it happened and you know some facts, then you can use this to build up the actual situation. Don't worry, there should be no narration, that is not understanding, so you should use your own barin here, just don't go away from the book, keep it all justified by quotes or details from the book. Good luck!
  7. It's not too simple if you understand the math behind it and explain it in detail, while also showing the downsides of any method you use etc. Which area of mathematics would this concern?
  8. Yeah, I think unemployment is so vague that you don't have enough words to make anything structured from the article... I don't see the article mentioning any policy and in order to refer to the article in your evaluation, as you should, there is really nothing but statistics which makes your job harder. If you must use this article then your structure is ok. Evaluate also what kind of unemployment this is, as they mention seasonal rise of unemployment when it's not the peak tourism time of the year and if it really should be ignored or should they provide training, make information more available etc.
  9. No, you don't need an HL science just to make your diploma look harder... If you really worry about this and you are good in all sciences equally you can take physics for example, because SL is still quite demanding and it's not like Biology where the amount of material is the problem, but it is complex and demands work. For your subject area at uni, your schedule looks good
  10. It is great that you are so interested in the topic, but don't go for an EE in a subject you don't have, because the EE is graded according to the subject matter, for example if it's economics they do look at you understanding of economics etc... While it is not impossible to do well, it makes more work for you to get to know the basics of economcs studied in the IB. I don't know if the subject would fit Anthropology, but if you can "make it" fit, like looking at aspects of UBI that concern anthropology, then I say go for it.
  11. When Na is loosing an electron that is ionization energy, when chlorine is gaining that electron that is electron affinity, I think you have them in the data booklet
  12. This is from the EE guide, but the point is that you are really focused on finding something out with your investigation and not explore a topic, which is why a question is a good idea, sort of guides you to find out the answer. Criterion A: research question Many research questions can be formulated as an actual question or questions. A typical example is: “What gas is evolved when zinc is added to copper (II) sulfate solution and what factors affect its formation?” . However, in chemistry extended essays it is perfectly reasonable to formulate the research question as a statement or as a hypothesis rather than an actual question. “An analysis of the amount of aluminium in three different brands of underarm deodorant by visible spectroscopy” and “The kinetics of oxidation of iodide ions with hydrogen peroxide in acidic solutions” are two such examples where a statement rather than a question is appropriate. Whichever way it is formulated, it should be identified clearly as the research question and set out prominently in the introduction.
  13. I have both chem HL and Bio HL and it is manageable, most of the people on my class who went off to study natural sciences have two sciences HL and really for me it was fine. Yes, you will need to study more and if you're interested that shouldn't be a problem because for me, SL sciences are like a peak into every topic while in HL you really gain understanding. There is no additional writing (like for Language and Literature), no additional papers (like for social sciences), the papers are longer so there is no time pressure... If you like Chem and Bio, no problem with two HL. Really.
  14. This is from the EE guide, I hope it helps An extended essay in chemistry may be based on literature, theoretical models or experimental data. Whichever category or combination of categories is chosen, the student should ensure that sufficient data is available for evaluation and that the topic can be researched accurately using locally available resources. Students who choose to write an extended essay based on literature and/or surveys should ensure that their extended essay clearly shows its chemical basis. Essays written at the level of a newspaper or news magazine article are unlikely to achieve a high mark. Since chemistry is an experimental science, students are strongly encouraged to undertake experimental work as part of their research, although this is not compulsory.
  15. Counterclaim is a claim that is opposite your argument, but is still justified to a certain extent and you should say why this counter claim does or does not affect your conclusion. For example language is a tool for communication is a claim, but a counterclaim is that language can be ambiguous and that hinders communication... this is a banal example but you get the point I hope. An alternative perspective is a view on a claim or counterclaim from another angle, for example those without education, strong religious beliefs, children, your friend with different past experience etc, so that you point out there is more than one way to look at it and the way you see something is not the only way nor the right way... I hope that helped
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