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  1. For that question I put: Pros- less carbon footprint, easier to break down with the use of enzymes Against- Using land to harvest crops for plastic instead of food, Inability to recycle plastics
  2. I did SL chem, option B. I found section B really quite nice, but found Section A Q2 weird and I probably lost quite a few marks there...
  3. I think the last question on part a (the one about different results) was because bromthynel blue only chnges colour ebtween 6.00 and 7.6 pH...thats what I put and most of my class
  4. Same, I ended up having educated guesses at them...The probability i found really hard tbh I doubt that it was within 100. The value of the taxes collected was $14800 and the fine was $65. Assuming each car only paid one fine (I doubt cars pay more than one fine for speeding on the same road) then the minimum amount of cars that there was is 277. There would've been a lot more cars that haven't paid the fines. I cant remember the exact values for the normal distribution and mean etc but I am sure that there was more than 100 cars. I seem to remember that I got around 1200ish as well
  5. Not necessarily, you wont get both marks though. One allotrope of Hydrogen is Dihydrogen but theres is only one and its was asking for 2, so youll get one mark of you put dihydrogen
  6. Do you know what the other grade boundaries were last year? because i very much doubt im getting 78%
  7. and what was the tok oxidation q?
  8. Oh ye, there was question on allotropes and for some reason I thought Bromine allotropes were Dibromine and Bromide, but realised when I had finished the paper what they wanted (carbon diamond graphene)...
  9. Ye my teacher said all methods that involve removing sulfur impurities that are scientific would be right....do you remember soem of the other questions, ive forgotten most?
  10. Do you by any chance know the grade boundaries from last year??
  11. Ye im sure we didnt cover that in class, but I put removing as much sulfur from the used compound as possible and then adding a base as post combustive to neutralise (the answers were filtration and neutralisation so i think i got at least 1 mark) and oxidation i put loss of elctrons, which is right i think, thats the one question which I was confident was right. I foudn the last question, like what type of series are these compounds (A and B) and then i really struggled on the electron arrow configuration things
  12. I think Paper 2 was actually comparatively easy, but I just struggled with the questions...I found that the questions asked were really specific to quite small topics... and i messed up the really basic mol and empirical formula calculations. The boundaries will be quite high tbh though, which doesn't really help me...
  13. Hmmm, i might've out 21 tbh, cant remember that well. The Venn diagram question I found very weird though, I kept adding things up and I wouldnt be getting 180...Which particular part do you mean though, there were quite a few Venn digaram parts?
  14. I got that as well and so did most of my class, so im pretty sure its right
  15. Now that we can talk about the Chemistry exams, how did everyone do? I do SL and found paper 1 alright but really struggled with Paper 2...
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