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  1. Your teacher is probably giving your misleading answer. You can relate chemistry to physics or to Biology. The key point would be to keep the main focus on Chemistry materials.
  2. I took May 2016 IB exam and graduated with pretty satisfying grades. I was really astonished that I got my Language A 6 with scaled mark 82% (84% for 7) As I received my grade I was getting mad and really furious because my lang and lit teacher screwed me over before the exam. Basically, my teacher gave our class one month of practice time to study P1 and P2. I wrote like 4 P2 and 3 P1. Unfortunately, I was consistently getting 10/20 for P1 and 10/25 for P2. I always got at least 15/20 and 20/25 in P1 and P2, so I felt like the whole world was falling apart. I was really stressed and didn't feel confident at all. Now that I know my score, I know that my teacher was not professional at all. Has anyone experienced such nightmare??
  3. My math HL is one mark away from 7 and TOK also one mark away from B. In answering your last question, no. You can choose which subject you would like to appeal for a remark. I also got them HL 7 with 79% when lower boundary is 78% (Thank God). I think expecting to change more than two marks is really unrealistic especially because all the IA and papers are double, tripled checked by experience examiners. I think you might as well just ask for remark for EE. However, you only need A-B combination for 3 bonus points so I think you shouldn't remark TOK. For Chinese A, I think it is unrealistic to expect your score to be boosted to 7 because 4 marks are pretty HUGE.
  4. Appreciate it! Best of luck to you for the following exam in november!
  5. I got my score today which was 39. I kinda expected from 39 to 41 so I am pretty much satisfied. However, I've realised that my math HL is only one mark away from 7 as well as for my TOK to get B. I am thinking about asking for re-evaluation because I will be applying for universities with final score while I have been accepted to some universities in Hong Kong. The question is, I got Chem HL 7 with 79% which is pretty close to the 78% 7 boundary. Other subject scores are really far away from lower boundary, so I don't worry about losing marks on other subjects. If I request for remark and my chem score actually drops to 6, do I have a choice on which score I can use? For example, if that's the case, I would want my original 39 score. I am pretty thrilled to meet my goal, but getting 6 in math HL and C for TOK with one mark difference kinda sucks so....
  6. Unless you have other really astonishing accomplishments e.g. Award in international math competition, I believe for most of the universities, you need math HL for engineering.
  7. I am not sure about the answer to this question, but I can tell you for sure that saprotrophs are considered as "heterotrophs" not "consumers". "Distinguish between consumers, detritivores and saprotrophs." Quoted IB syllabus
  8. As a person who took MATH HL, CHEM HL and BIO SL, the best way to prepare yourself is to solve past papers. Math HL. Basically, once you solve many past papers, you'll find certain pattern in some of the questions. If you are aware of those patterns and ways to solve those questions, you can easily get 7.
  9. To be honest, why don't you use wiki or blogs when you first learn about the topic. I usually do that and once I get a hang of the topic in terms of dates and what really happened, I used many books to supplement different views and specific details about the event.
  10. The first time I want to mention is that solving math and coming up with equation is not everything in math EE. The format, communication skills, rationale and conclusion, those stuffs weight way more than actual math skills. So, as far as you keep your essay interesting and you show your enthusiasm throughout the essay, it's ok. Before doing anything, try to make a table of contents and general outline. Once you have that, you'll know what to do.
  11. I finished my chemistry test last week. Some chemistry options very closely related to Bio or Physics, so I heard that many students had a conflict in the school on choosing which option to study. In my school, my teacher just gave us a freedom to study the option that we are most interested/best in. As I took Bio, I took Biochem and some of my friends who took Physics took Option C. However, my teacher made Option B students self study while he taught Option C students for two months. I guess it's fair because even though I was Bio SL, more than 70% of the Biochem didn't have much new stuffs for me. How did you guys choose the option. Did your teacher force you to make an agreement as a class? Or did he/she just let you study on your own?
  12. I heard that the econ syllabus will change from next year as well as other group 3 subjects. I heard that new econ will rely more onto learning knowledge and making an application instead of having Mathematical skills as one of the most important thing in the course. I didn't take Econ, but that's what econ teacher in my school told me.
  13. Well. What's done is done I guess. Two yrs of history was pretty fun.
  14. Well said sir. I've used the pearson and oxford book to supplement my knowledge on the option. As far as I know, there are only one advantage and disadvantage mentioned through out those two books. I thought they would probably bring up bioaccumulation and biomagnification but that didn't happen so...
  15. Hi. I have recently finished my History SL p1 and p2. For last two years, I've learned French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Treaty of Vienna, WWI, Chinese Civil War, Rise of Mao, Rise of Hitler, and weimar republic at the end. Our school in really small, so SLs and HLs take the class together in one room. Like a few months ago, I've heard that if I am doing SL, I didn't have to learn almost half of the things that I have learned. Basically, my teacher combined SLs and HLs together to teach HL materials. It's OK for me because I liked learning French Revolution and Russian Revolution. But, now that I am finished, I think our teacher could have done better job in making sure that SL people focus on SL stuffs. So, is this kind of course plan normal or really weird?
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