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  1. Hi guys, is predicted like about 43 with 776 in HL bio, chem and math good enough for Oxford? I know that they require 39 with 766 but I don't really trust the fact that applicants with that score are considered further (if their BMAT, PS and reference is good enough for Oxford etc.). I know that this is relative it depends on how good you are compared to other people, and I have heard so many times that it is very competitive so the only thing I would like to know is whether I should even try.
  2. Nemo


    Hi I was wondering if there is anyone out here studying medicine in the UK and if you could tell me what grades (predicted and achieved) you got and what school did you get offerd from. Thank you!
  3. Well, in my school we also have internal deadline for the extended essay, but that is in the beginning of IB2, like a week after IB2 has started. But we also have other deadlines, like handing in detailed plans, drafts etc. If we don't hand in our EE on time, our IB coordinator won't registerus for any exams. I think this varies from school to school though and also the rules might be changed form year to year so I suggest you ask your IB coordinator about this, he may give you a more accurate answer.
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering about one thing: The deadline for applying to medicine in UK (which is btw what I want to do, yep, another one ) is in October, right? Okay, so, basically this means that we have one year (the whole IB1) + a little tiny bit of IB2 to work through and to get our predicted grades that we apply with. In my school the school year is divided up into 2 semesters (first semester is from the start until the middle of January, and the second semester is from the middle of January until the middle of June), and we get our grades (not predicted grades, they are just an indication of the level we currently are at) at the end of each semester. Is there then a chance that I will be able to boost my predicted grades from the first semester and thus I'll be able to apply with higher predicted grades? If for example, I have now a 6 in HL chemistry (but getting a 7 is almost my ultimate dream, haha), and then I work work work work work (whaddup Rihanna song reference ), will I be able to be predicted a 7 by October of IB2 when it's time to apply? Thanks a lot for your replies
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering how the TOK grades are predicted. How can this be done if the structure of the class in my school only comprises to the teacher teaching and us doing exercises and discussing the concepts? Will the teacher base it on this (even though I think this would be quite inaccurate)? How does it work in your school? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, can anyone help me with this task: Given that the domain of the function 3x/(5+x^2) is x>=a (x is greater than or equal to a), find the least value of a such that this function has an inverse function. The answer is supposed to be a=sqrt(5) (or 2.24), but I don't seem to understand why Thank you very much
  7. Hi! I was just wondering if doing DIY things like sewing something, redesigning clothes or doing decoupage are good ideas for the creativity portion of CAS. What do you think?
  8. Thank you for all your replies!! They have all been very helpful. I really appreciate your help. Thank you !!
  9. @illoveib, you wrote that you know Hl bio people taking ap bio as a joke because they can. Do you know if it goes somewhat the other way around? You see, I took the AP Biology exam this May, and I'm in Pre-IB, planning to do IB next year. I've looked at the HL Bio Book that my school uses, and it seemed to be very similar to Barron's AP Biology (a lot of the same content and stuff, but I kept in mind that Barron's is designed to review, so I am aware that the design of how everything is written is different), which I was using to review for the AP exam. Would IB Bio HL be easier for me if I have done the AP Bio exam (and assuming I didn't fail?? I hope I didn't )?? Super great thanks in advance, I really appreciate the time you took for replying me. Thank you
  10. Hi! Can anyone tell me how AP exams compare to IB in terms of content? I'm specifically interested in how similar is AP Biology to IB Biology HL in terms of content. Also, could you please tell me how AP Physics 1 (or 1&2) compares to IB Physics (SL or HL). Thank you very much in advance !!
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