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  1. I would avoid having two independent vars since you are limited in terms of pages. If you were to try and explain the theory behind the effect of each var then you will quickly run out of space. If you focus on one variable, you can really go in depth and get more points. Note: as long as the experiment is within or beyond the course, the complexity doesn't matter. Hope that helps
  2. Hi, I used a TI-84 plus calculator and would reccomend it to you. In terms of books, i used the haese mathematics both for core and option (sets relations and groups), it has all the course content and tons of excercises. I would not reccomend you buy the osc study guides. Good luck
  3. (Apocalypse now is based on the novel heart of darkness by joseph conrad) It might be interesting to compare with edge of darkness. On the one hand it is important to have similarities and differences, on the other hand apocalypse now has a large classic status so you won't run the risk of an examinar not knowing the film. Personally I would go for Apocalypse now
  4. I think the first one would be better (comparison of lord of the flies and apocalypse now). I talked to a friend from my school who also did his ee in film (He did his on the use of some special type of action close up in films, he received a B) and he said that examiners don't particularly like EEs on comicbook related topics and that choosing lord of the flies and apocalypse now, given their cult status and frequent use in IB/MYP english could make your essay more favourable when being read by examinars Hope this helps and good luck
  5. Hello, 1) yes she can do self taught. The only relevant document is for her IB coordinator to register her as doing arabic B. 2) her school can't disapprove of this, if it does she can go to the ibo and complain 3) All assessments in a B language are the same (just in a different language) so she could ask her (former) French teacher for deadlines Hope this helps
  6. I got a 35/36 for my ee in mathematics First time a person from my school got more than a C in ee for group 5
  7. Hello, I think its a great idea! Two things you would have to do: 1) Make sure that anything above and beyond the syllabus is properly introduced in the introduction (you can pm me and i can show you how i tackled that problem in mine) 2) Add a personal touch to it, maybe "invent" a spirograph if that is feasible or apply it to some hobby of yours Hope this helps, best of luck
  8. If i had 1 shot for every 2 pts i would hopefully die
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