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  1. I only got one value for each coordinate. One of which I think was a 3... Couldn't remember the other two.
  2. I got the exact same answers! So in the end what I did was to write 0<p≤ 2.something as my final answer... Not really sure what else to do.
  3. What did you guys get for the Section A question asking for the possible values of p? It was the last question on that section where you were given the velocity equation that you had to integrate.
  4. Yeah and there was a venn diagram on that question as well.
  5. Mine was TZ2 as well, and I lost a lot of points on that paper... Kinda sad
  6. Which timezone are you guys in?
  7. What did you guys get for the efficiency of the motor in the last sub-question of no.1?
  8. Yeah, I was so shocked to find that the wave was travelling that fast. Hmm, my binding energy was 1.7 MeV if I'm not mistaken...
  9. Must have miscalculated the displacement . Anyways what about the frequency? I think mine was around 900Hz.
  10. My answer was like 1400m/s which was ridiculously fast. Did you arrive with the same answer?
  11. Hey Andrew, what did you get for the velocity of the wave? My answer did not make any sense...
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