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  1. After finishing my IA I realized that my data points failed me. I was testing to see if ethylene had any effect on seed germination, but I rarely even got more than three germination's in a trial. Can I turn in an IA that doesn't have any calculations done because the data wasn't adequate? Or is that not an Internal Assessment?
  2. My school offers it and I have a few good friends who are in it. The difficulty depends a lot on how the teacher teaches, with ours being very laid back. The course seems to be based a lot around the IA, so if you don't like IA's I wouldn't take it. But that is all the advice I can offer as I don't take the class.
  3. I don't have my presentation video, but a great way to have a good presentation is by picking a current controversial topic, because you can get really into it. Maybe do something like: Abortion Capital Punishment Euthanasia Religion Global Warming Immigration The list goes on. You can have fun with this if you let yourself.
  4. I bought a Chromebook in my sophomore year for IB, and it works great. What is nice is it's integration with the web, so you can really procrastinate if you have an android phone. I do everything on my Chromebook, I think it would be a great investment.
  5. It all depends on the subject. For language, you may just want to browse quizlet and memorize as many vocab words in different ones as you can. For History, there are plenty of guides on this site to help, or try watching crash course for history, this can be golden before the exams. These two are my main study goals, and I just do it in my free time. If you don't mind me asking, what are your classes and which ones are you the most unsure about?
  6. As a student of Biology, I know it can be troublesome to remember everything about the subject... it is the study of life! So, after replying to another user who needed one, I feel as though I should share this link to what I would call the best free study guide available. It has helped me out a few times. http://blog.prepscholar.com/the-best-ib-biology-study-guide-and-notes-for-sl-and-hl Dig in bio students. This thing is a beast.
  7. The syllabus can be found here: http://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/recognition/biologysl2016englishw.pdf But if you are looking for a study guide, this website is great: http://blog.prepscholar.com/the-best-ib-biology-study-guide-and-notes-for-sl-and-hl
  8. I don't think they would mind, the university can have no definite way of knowing you speak English. This is more of a personal thing, because if you are not fluent in English you will have a very hard time in University. But if you are confident in your ability to speak the language I am sure you can take Portuguese with no problems, however I can't say that for sure.
  9. If neither of them interest you, why not scrap the both of them and choose something that does? The great part about IB is all the things that it offers, and it is much more than making a good score. Choose a subject you could see yourself really enjoying. For me, that was Philosophy, it is a great way to get yourself thinking about the world. This may not be your choice, but there is a choice for you. IB is about becoming better than the average student, it takes learning into a whole different realm of knowledge that cannot be offered by any other school. Don't pass this up. You have been given an amazing opportunity to become something better than the general run of humanity. What exactly are you planning on doing in uni?
  10. This is a good question because it is not topic based but instead is very knowledge based, which is a great quality for it to have. You may have an issue in "reason and ethics", as ethics definitely plays a role here but reason may be tough to justify. If you can, then great and your question is perfect. If not, you may need to replace reason with another word, or take it out completely.
  11. As King112 stated, real-life situations are not from your life, but something the world is presently going through. You may instead want to choose something such as the love between a homosexual couple, as science has much to say about same gender sex. This is a present issue of our time and would fit perfectly with your question.
  12. As the person above mentioned, this is called euthanasia. This deals greatly with ethics, so I am not sure why that is restricted but you may still be able to work around it. A knowledge question of this nature may sound something like: "To what extent would the lack of consent in a patient being euthanized affect the legality of the procedure?" I say consent as it becomes tough to talk about euthanasia without including ethics, so it may be helpful to move toward consent, as this is a huge argument against the practice.
  13. A good knowledge question may be something like this: "To what extent do medical ethics determine the process of psycho-surgery to be morally and ethically sound?" However, I do not have much of a background in psycho-surgery so I would consider that before taking my question blindly.
  14. First of all, broaden your question a bit. Maybe say "To what extent do religious knowledge systems alter or enhance our ethical and moral judgments?" Then, take a standpoint that separates you from any religious bias that you may have. Explore your question through a veil of ignorance, and then let your claim and counterclaim arise from your exploration. This will make for a truly knowledge based presentation.
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