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  1. A bit late eh ;p I made a whole document with the equations already anyways lol.
  2. All evaluation questions must follow some type of structure; Intro - body (adv./disadv.) - opinion (not ur opinion but what you think the best option is out of the ones u have suggested) - conclusion. You always need to mention which option is the best, otherwise it does not really count as an 'evaluation.
  3. Hello guys, Does anyone know what formulas we need to memorise that are not in the formula booklet? For example, we need to know the payback period... Help would be appreciated x
  4. I will PM you a link to the syllabus.
  5. Paper 2 is the same for both HL and SL. (It's just the marking criteria is slightly different and SL have less time compared to HL) And yes, you can use the book you have studied at HL! I'd suggest you tell your teacher to write that you have studied that book in a paper that she has to fill for the IB which shows what you have studied in Part 3 of the English LangLit course.
  6. They say Physics HL is one of the hardest IB subjects alongside Maths HL o: I would say it really depends on what you want to do at university. If it is not Physics related then I suggest doing English LangLit HL instead of Physics. I would say the best thing to do is take both at HL for the first year and drop Physics in the second year because by then you will be DONE with the syllabus so you will basically have a whole year to go over Physics and strengthen yourself with what you have already covered in class ;D But at the end, it really depends on your strengths and weaknesses on both subjects and what you want to study at university. Think wisely! Edit; if you hate Mathematics, Physics is a subject that is full of maths (Calculations) so if you are more into memorisation then go with biology SL.
  7. The two books that you choose has to be the ones suggested by IB I think. My class does Antigone and Men in the Sun (In Arabic of course!) أنتيجونا رجال في الشمس If you have any questions about Arabic A LangLit, PM me!
  8. There are LOADS in Quizlet that were created by IB Business and Management students themselves! Maybe have a look at some of them!
  9. I feel you. I don't do much in school but when I come home at 4 I'm basically dead and can't work anymore (Also I sleep for like 3 hours only oops)
  10. The unseen script might most likely be something about finance. There is a whole paragraph dedicated to the 3D Printer so possibly something on that. I don't know yet, have to go through the case study in details.
  11. Initial speed is always denoted as U in Physics :P. I have also used sample IA's to write my own and also some university guides, but never had a percentage plagiarism of above 10% in all my IA's. Having the same formula is fine because it's not like you will have to create your own in order to do your IA. You could ask one of your teachers to create a TurnItIn account for you only where you can check your IA percentage before submitting it in. This will help you know what part you copied and so you would be able to change it.
  12. lool wait till you get to IB2 and get smacked with many IA's that are due in the same month with the EE and final IOC/IOP etc. *Cries in a corner*
  13. Well depends on the content... Some get full marks with around 1300 words. However, my teacher is a TOK essay marker and she prefers the essays to be between 1400 and 1600. She feels that students will not be able to cover all the claims, counter-claims, and implications etc in details with few words.
  14. Yeah I've been working on pastpapers and luckily I was way above the average in Physics achieving a 5. I have both the Oxford and Tsoko's revision guide but have not used them as much as I should have been c: And I just have my Geography IA and final TOK essay to hand in which are next due in 2 weeks time. Hopefully everything will be going great for me.
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