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  1. Officer of NHS (kinda like school goverment), varisty tennis, and some other extracurriculars. Not much from what I know.
  2. IB Chem Hl IB Physics Hl IB English Hl IB Spanish 5 sl IB 20th century sl Further IB Math hl with multi variable calc Along with extracurriculars till 6:00, the guy is set up for Harvard and full ride state scholarships. He took Ap Biology in Sophmore year, so he virtually did all the sciences at the college level. My question is, for someone else, is this still a possible schedule? Or is doing 4 hl's a waste of time? I know that in the U.S, besides history, all of the hl courses and the spanish course will get college credit.
  3. I may be doing 2-3 sciences for sophomore year. Current sophomore schedule: Algebra 2/Precalc honors Pre IB English 10 Ap U.S Gov and Politics Ap Physics 1 Ap Biology (a class for Juniors and seniors, but I have done really well in Biology Honors, so I am able to take it) Chemistry honors (will hopefully help with Ap Biology) Pre IB Spanish 3 (only class that is not weighted) Yup.... There is no off period for me, so this will be a tough schedule. I am also doing sophomore soccer, and plenty of extracurricular since I want to go into an ivy school. I have a passion for the sciences, but is this schedule a bit too hard? Should I remove Ap Bio? I want to get all A's like I did in Freshman year (above a 95 percent), so I don't know if my grades will suffer with a schedule this hard.
  4. I meant regular spanish 3 to pre ib spanish 4. I've done a condensed year of pre ib spanish 1 (moves to pre ib spanish 3) and have done regular spanish 3 over the summer instead of what normally would be pre ib spanish 3. I hope regular Spanish 3 is enough for Pre ib spanish 4. Thanks for the info, hopefully doing this course won't be a huge problem. Spanish is fairy easy for me, so hopefully I will be fine.
  5. I have done Spanish 3 over the summer. Is this enough towards pre ib Spanish 4?
  6. Actually, besides Spanish, I am in all the advanced classes possible in school. I guess missing 3 weighted credits is not really a big deal, but I would rather skip a Spanish level or do it over the summer than not reach to the highest level of Spanish and miss those potential weighted credits. It's much better to have a higher gpa than to have a lower gpa with some standing points. I think this year, I will take Pre ib Spanish 1 and take Spanish 2 over the summer (of next year). Especially with those really prestigious colleges that give such low acceptance rates, its better for me to take it safe and either skip a level or do courses over the summer so by the time I am a junior, I am in IB spanish 4. Class rank wise, I guess I will have to make sure that my grades are high so I can be in the top 2 percent of my school. I am glad to know that skipping a level in the IB is possible. Thanks.
  7. Honestly, I never had an interest in Spanish in Middle School. I simply wanted to have fun and take the electives that interest me. Now I am doing Pre-Ib Spanish 1. My school only gives weighted credit for spanish levels 4-5 and any post secondary options after that. At the pathway I am going, I will only be able to go to IB Spanish 4 and get 1 weighted credit. Though I am better than my friends Gpa wise, they are in Pre-IB spanish 3, meaning that they are 2 years ahead of me, and can get weighted credit by 10th grade. Is it still possible for me to skip a level (Ex: Going from Pre-Ib spanish 2 to IB spanish 4) or maybe take a summer course? If I do not do any of that, is it still possible for me to be in the top 5 percent of my class (want to go to a really good university or get a full ride to a private university)? Thanks a bunch, it just stresses me out that I will be missing some weighted credit thanks to not doing any foreign language in Middle school.
  8. Wanting to be a doctor in the future, what IB subjects should I choose? As of now, this is what I decided for my schedule. (11th grade) IB Math HL IB English HL IB Chem HL IB Physics HL IB History of Americas IB Spanish 3 Sadly, only English HL is offered at my school. I love math, so I may keep it at HL. So out of IB Physics and IB Chem, should I take out one of these subjects?
  9. Never mind, he decided to do College prep Algebra. He simply does not want to do the homework that is in math studies or stats. This thread may be closed.
  10. My friend has never done IB, and is debating between IB math studies or AP Stats or College prep Algebra. He basically has gone through all basic courses in high school, and plans on going to a state university that is easy to get into. IB math studies and AP Stats are weighted, while College prep Algebra gives community college credit. Which class may be the best for him? He wants to do IB Math studies, but out of these 3, what is the best option for him to prepare for math in college?
  11. Here is my schedule for 11th grade: IB History of Americas IB Spanish 4 IB English HL IB Math HL IB Physics HL IB Design tech HL or IB chem HL Honestly, I dunno if I should switch design tech to sl. Either way, IB Design tech Sl students have to take HL in 12th grade anyways. Should I keep IB design tech hl or switch to chemistry hl instead? How hard is my schedule in general? I am setting my sites on Harvard, and I want to be either a doctor or an engineer. I am sure either Bio or Chem Hl will help if I want to be a doctor, so should I switch from design tech hl to chem hl?
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