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  1. Assuming you've modelled your data with a normal distribution (hence mean and stdev?), you could also probably model them with a t-distribution by finding the variance of the whole population instead of just your sample. This is a bit advanced stuff for studies (it's hl paper 3 material), but nothing else comes to my mind right now. You can look up how to find the variance of the population, it's a very simple formula if you know the size of your current sample. Good luck
  2. If you can solve it and explain every part of your answer to your grandma, go ahead. I would, however, not advise you to engage in something that you are not absolutely sure you can tackle, as your ee will turn into a pain in the a** you can't get rid of and that's never good wen you have 6 more IAs and a TOK essay to do.
  3. Hola fellas, first full copy of EE is due on Oct 5th (internal deadline-don't panic), and I was wondering how many resources like books or journals mates doing their ee in physics have. As you understand, the majority of the theoretical background for the experiment can be covered by 1-3 resources only, but our school's guidelines talk about a "vast range" of sources, without specifying the acceptable number for each group. I'd appreciate some input. Thanks a lot
  4. I take both math, physics and cs hl and my tip is this: if you have done no programming in your life whatsoever (and by that I mean spend a few hours writing meaningful code) do not take cs, as you'll have a pretty rough time in the exams. Both physics and cs have a bulkload of theory (regardless of what some might say) but concepts in physics are a lot easier to grasp and manipulate. My advice is: - dismiss cs if you don't feel comfortable in at least one language already, - ask ib2s in your school regarding the quality of the teachers, as they are a very essential part of your classes in spite of all the time you'll spend studying, - remember that your goal is to get as many points as possible, so choose what you feel most comfortable with, - get your hands on past papers asap, even if you don't know exactly how to use them in the beginning if you need more info with regards to each of the subjects, pm me best of luck (and don't get too nervous)
  5. Hello friend, first of all it is important to relax a bit and not worry so much. Most schools allow changes until Christmas if you see that you find a subject too difficult to follow or that it is not like you expected it to be. Now, it'd be a good idea to have a potential area of studies in mind when choosing subjects, as most universities require certain subjects in HL to let you enroll in a course. The subjects you have chosen in HL do not look like they are focused towards one specific direction, which could cause you a few issues later on. So I'll just make a few general comments: Physics is always good to combine with HL math, as you may often find topics from one subject involved in the other, so if you plan on studying engineering/physics, it'd be a good idea to switch to HL math (also, most UK unis require you to have math+physics for the aforementioned courses). Business is a tricky subject, especially in HL, but with a good teacher it can be a quite pleasant one. If, though, it is a new subject in your school, I'd suggest not taking it, or at least taking it in SL. It was a first-time subject for us this year and friends describe it as kind of a nightmare. Lastly, I give you a thumbs up for french ab initio, as choosing 2 Languages A is often way too hard. With regards to your question about LangLit, yes it is considered one of the hard subjects, but in the end it all comes down to what you want to study. My last tip, relax... you have a whole 2 years to worry. Enjoy your summer
  6. Being both a CS HL and Physics HL student, I'd advise you not to. CS HL is a very tough subject, mainly because it's almost purely theoretical. There are concepts that are hard to grasp (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Natural Language Processing etc) that you will be required to study in HL, and if your teacher cannot help you with that, chances are that you're gonna have a pretty hard time. Internet is helpful sometimes, but those concepts are quite specialised and there are very few places you can get validated advice and information from. Try a bit harder with physics, and if you still find yourself struggling talk to your teacher and arrange extra meetings for him/her to help you. I'm sure they won't have a problem. I now see this might be a late answer, I hope you're doing better
  7. Hello fellow sufferers, right now I am facing the GREATEST dilemma. I am starting the IB programme in September and have thankfully already decided on my SL subjects (World Arts and Cultures, Greek, English A Lang. & Lit.). I have also decided to take Math HL and Physics HL (both of them are requirements for undergraduates wanting to study Physics or Engineering). So now I have to decide on whether to choose Biology or Computer Sciences on HL. My parents do everything they can to get me to choose Bio, although both of them know I would be better in C.S. And yes, I do have a more positive feeling on C.S., but I know that Bio will be useful if, over the next couple of years, I realise Biotechnology, for instance, is what I want to pursue. As you may have noticed, I'm stuck So, if anyone has any experiences with these HL subjects or ideally a combination of them, I am willing to bribe you with a gigantic chocolate to give me advice on what I should choose. Thanks in advance :)
  8. @Ditteee and @Alex Smith-napier I could not thank you enough <3. Seriously, you're my heroes. I'll try my best to do and use everything you said. Thanks again :))
  9. Thank you soo much @Seung Hun Han! I'll try to get my hands on past papers as soon as I can.
  10. Hey I am starting the IB programme in a couple of months and, even though I literally scanned Google for tips on time management, I'd love to get advice from fellow students. Also, I'd appreciate any help on how to survive my classes, but especially Math HL. I'm taking: Math HL, Physics HL and German HL and Modern Greek and Literature SL, Economics SL and Biology SL. Greek was mandatory Thanks :))
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