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  1. Hey, my teacher has told us that we need to pick an IA Topic and I am really struggling with this and would like some help to do this. Thank you, anything will help to do this IA.
  2. Hey so I am working with a partner on my tok presentation but we have no idea how to get started it on it. We both like the topic idea of 3D printing of organs but don't know how to make a KQ on it or how to approach it. We really need help and would appreciate, thanks!
  3. I think that modeling the spread of diseases or viruses is interesting but I am not sure on how to go about it
  4. I honestly have no clue on what to write my IA on and would like some ideas or suggestions on what I could do my IA on. Thanks
  5. Hey so we were supposed to chose a topic for the written assignment for French V but I have no idea how to do that since the files that my teacher shared with us can't be downloaded and I am really lost. Please, help!
  6. I would like to ask for help in coming up for a topic for my IA, all I know for certain is that I would like to do something with cardioids but I am not sure how I could form a question for it.
  7. To what extent did Idi Amin's foreign policies benefit or deteriorate Uganda's economy? I believe I like this one
  8. To what extent would Idi Amin's political policies benefit Uganda's economy? Would that work?
  9. I am having trouble with creating a suitable RQ for my IA. Although I have a topic that I would like to write about, which is Idi Amin. A possible question could be: To what extent did Idi Amin's tyranny help Uganda's economy?
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