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  1. Ok so at the end of last term we learned that our teacher was leaving for HL maths, so we rushed our calculus option in 2 weeks and went through all the theory. Over the holidays I was honestly more concerned with completing my other subjects, IAs, and my EE, as well as my HL maths core. But now, when coming back to school, with no teacher, we have just been doing questions, but I am struggling heavily with our calc option. After looking at the discrete maths it looks SO much easier. Is it worth switching now if i can? It would mean teaching myself the whole option, but I mean I don't understand calc at all at the moment. Or should I stick with calculus? If you have any resources that would make either of the option easier to understand and quicker to get through please send it. Thanks
  2. So I have written up about 90% of my physics IA, and with my results, I did not get any data that linked to my theory or to my hypothesis and discovered my method did not collect data for my investigation topic. I found a new prac that could potentially fix up this mistake. Is it worth re doing the prac, meaning redoing all the results, or just talk about the new prac in the discussion, and why my method was incorrect? My IA (If you were interested) Looking at vibrational nodes in a tennis racquet by looking at the COR by dropping tennis ball on different parts of the racquet. The bounce height was linear and positively progressing, instead of producing a ___----~~~----___ (supposed to look like graph). I found that it actually affected the forces on the handle on the tennis racquet, but could not find why my results were pos. linear. Ideas and/or suggestions please?
  3. Alright, well would looking at pressure be better than this then?
  4. For my chem IA, I am looking at determining solubility of CO2 at different temperatures, specifically in soft drinks. My method is basically placing a soft drink in cold and very cold water and measuring mass loss over a period of time once the can is opened. The mass loss will be the CO2 gas leaving the system, leaving some of the CO2 in the soft drink, reacting with water to form carbonic acid. Would this option be a viable option? I have a lot of theory behind it, such as energetics, equilibrium, le chat., and acid bases. Also, would it be good to use a literature value of the actual amount of CO2 put into these drinks, or an experimental value, as a comparison to find percentage of CO2 that has left the system?
  5. For my IA, my teacher suggested to see if I could model a very easy song using forrier transformations Would this be a good idea because I am unsure how to go about it? If not, I was interested at looking at projectile motion in cricket (I do physics), but as for the variables I have no idea what would be complex enough to investigate and get good data on. I was also thinking that economic modeling would be interesting to look at (I do ec as well), but not sure how in depth I could take it. Thanks guy!!!! ibNewB
  6. Im doing an IA for Chem on a comparison of different transitional metals acting as catalysts in redox reactions but have some questions... 1. Should I do multiple redox reactions or just see the effects on 1? 2. Which redox reaction would best suit this idea, and how would I measure the rate of reaction, as in what would be an indication of the end of the reaction? Thanks guys..your feedback is much appreciated...
  7. So in saying that, how would I connect it to a HL componenet of the course. That is what I am struggling with. I am quite interested in the chocolate one, but which section of the course would it be about?
  8. Oh ok thank you so much. I was struggling to find an original idea. But would you recommend any of those options being a viable option for me to do for my IA?
  9. Does an IA need to be 100% original? I am really struggling to come up with a topic, but have a few ideas bellow. I am fairly decent at chemistry and know I can write a good lab report but coming up with an idea on what I can do is quite challenging, as I have been looking for one since November last year, but still can't find one that I think would be good to do. Here I have a couple of ideas on possible IAs. Would any of these ones be good to develop for a HL chem IA??? Effect of gum on pH of saliva after drinking sports drinks effects of different toothpastes on tooth decay calories of differrent cooking oils (find which has least and is best) calories of chocolate (or some sort of chemical analysis). theobromine content in different types of chocolate (why it is dangerous to eat for dogs) content of Ca in different types of milk
  10. Oh yes of course. Just because for my personal engagement my mum thinks that this is the "healthier option" and i would have the number of calories to determine if it is "healthy" or not.. But I think i need to rephrase it. This is just an early idea.
  11. For my Chem IA, would it be a good idea to calculate calories in different cooking oils to find which is the "healthiest" option? I am doing HL, so need some HL part of the course. I thought this idea had personal engagement and would be pretty interesting to calculate.
  12. Just to get you interested, for every reply I will send a bad chemsitry pun to that person...and will try to make it original... For my chem IA am going to investigate anti-oxidants in health foods. I thought this was a good idea after hearing about all these "free radicals" in the human body and how they are linked to diseases blah blah blah, but antioxidants can remove them. I want to investigate something in this area whether it be looking at antioxidants in food at different temperatures, or comparing them, but I am unsure which path to go down. If you have any ideas how I can progress this idea further please reply (you will get a good pun) OR if you think this topic is terrible, or think you have a better idea, let me know,
  13. yep..soo...ummm...still kinda have no idea what im meant to be doing, and ive literally been looking for a topic for about a month now. just when i saw our hcl in our shed with the other pool stuff i thought hey acid base neutralization reactions...idea...
  14. Well we havent really done organic chem, nor redox or acid-bases. The only reason i looked at acid-bases is because i wanted to get a headstart for next year, so skimmed over the topic. We are currenty on a brea, and our teacher wants it by the end of the month. How could i make it more detailed?
  15. Hey guys For my chem IA I was thinking on doing an acid base reaction on stomach acids. So what i was thinking was to do neutralisation reactions with HCl to represent acids in the stomach, with things like pharmaceutical medicines, maybe bananas, or other bases but im unsure if this would be correct. For personal engagement, i could even do swimming pools or something but im quite unsure about it.
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