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  1. Hello, Most of my classmates did theirs on commercials/ads, so I know for sure that we are allowed to do that. In my school, we are also allowed to use novels that we haven't studied in class (in fact, we are strongly encouraged not to use texts that we've studies in class.) I'm planning to start mine today, and I chose a short movie by MTV titled American Male, which explores sexism and homophobia. I've just checked with my teacher, I think if you can't do that, you should at least ask some classmates and see what they're doing. Thus, even if you pick the wrong kind of text, at least you won't be entirely on your own.
  2. Hey everyone, (I didn't know whether to post this on the EE thread or this one) So I'm doing my EE on History and I want to investigate 20th-century cult movements. I want to focus on Jim Jones's cult, People's Temple, which has been all over the media after the Jonestown mass suicide. However, I wonder if doing my extended essay on the rise and failure of only one religious cult would be acceptable. I'm pretty sure I can find enough to write, but do you think I should focus on 20th century cult movements in general instead? Thanks a lot
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a summer school that gives college credit. I'm planning on studying in the US but I'll also apply to Scandinavian countries, Australia and Germany. This is my last summer so I really want to go to a good summer school. However, Harvard, Yale etc. are too expensive and usually don't help with financial aid. Also, traveling to the US costs a lot. Do you have any recommendations? I'm thinking of somewhere in Europe. I'm interested in studying economics or law. Thankss
  4. Thank you! That's very helpful. Do you know if direct quotes count in the word count though? Otherwise, may I ask if you have any tips on reducing word count? I don't want to have to delete an entire paragraph, but I ended up having about 900 words when I should have 750. Thanks a lot
  5. Hey everyone, So I know that in our written commentary, the quotes that we take directly from the article don't count in the word count. Can we also use direct quotes from other sources, in definitions and such? I'm struggling with the word count and used definitions from other sources, put them in quote marks, italicised and cited them. Is that alright to do, or should I not do that? Thanks
  6. Hi, My WT1 style model is an article by Charlie Brooker, who uses lots of swear words and slang while talking about politics. My teacher approved this, but I'm not sure if I can use slang. Do you think it would be okay? Thanks
  7. Hi, In the IA guide I've been given, it's stated that the articles we choose absolutely must be from a newspaper. I had chosen one from NPR. Have you ever heard of that rule? Do you think NPR would be okay? Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm doing a WT1 on 1984. It's a speech by Big Brother, which takes place before the Revolution, so during the time of "capitalists with top hats" and all that. The problem is, I don't know how to show knowledge about the book in this task. BB wouldn't be telling citizens that he plans to ban sex and turn children against adults, making all citizens slaves of the Party etc. He'd probably give a very persuasive and positive speech telling them they'll be equals and all. If I do that, how can I relate it to the content of the book, as BB's version of the future will be very different than the time period which takes place in 1984? How can I show knowledge of the novel in this task? By the way, I'm only doing a speech by BB because my teacher wants me to do so, so sadly no change of topic is possible Thanks
  9. Oh, sorry then. I think I mean past papers..? Or any source where I can find tests and questions to prepare for exams, the ones that aren't copyrighted by IBO.. Thank you for informing.
  10. Hey, Does anyone know an easy way to view IB question banks on Mac? (I'm not really good with computers though, so not something sophisticated please) Thanks
  11. Hey there, So I'm definitely not an expert on the topic as I've started IB 2 months ago, but I do take English HL. It's a really enjoyable course and I like all the analysis and stuff. BUT I can definitely tell you that it's hard to get a decent score in English, especially when compared to Geography. Like I said, it's just the beginning of the year but when you get a 6 from a Paper 1 practice on which you spent hours at home, it kind of makes you wonder how well will you be able to do in the actual exam in 2 hours. Maybe it will get better, I don't know. But if you really want to take it and if you're very good at English, take it, work hard and you should be able to score a solid 6. (It isn't the classwork and course that is rigorous, but the grading boundaries and how good they expect us to do.)
  12. I really started thinking about dropping HL English B. I can never get a decent score! The first assignment that I got a 6 on (Paper 1 practice) made me very happy, but keeping in mind that I spend about 5 hours of my weekend trying to build a perfect response... Not very impressive. What should I do? Do you think this is because we've just started, or will I keep getting grades lower than 6 or even 5, even though I study HARD? I'm crazy worried..
  13. Hey people, I have this reflective statement from TOK due Tuesday. We have to write about a speech that we watched in class. I really don't know how to construct a reflective statement for TOK. What do I need to include? Do I need to provide my opinion on the topic of the speech, or do I need to write about the AOK's and WOK's that are present in the speech? I'm really confused.
  14. Hey everybody, Does anybody have any good ideas for SL Biology Exploration? What did you do? I have a lot of time to decide on an idea but I'm trying to plan ahead.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm a financial aid student and do not want to put my family under the burden of paying for the IB books that my school wants us to buy. As I don't have a lot of money to spend, I want to buy the books on the Internet, as (I guess) it'll be cheaper. However, I don't want to buy one that has been used a lot. Can you recommend any websites with occasional sales, that sell used and new IB books for reasonable prices? The ones I need: Economics for the IB Diploma with CD-ROM by Ellie Tragakes (Cambridge one) Oxford IBDP Mathematics Higher Level Thank you
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