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  1. In my opinion, the answer is no, not really. But most individuals have purposes they set for themselves. There's no real meaning to life, pain or happiness. Most of it all is just pure chance or misfortune. But I think that's the fun part. When you don't have a purpose you can do whatever you want. Just live life for whatever you feel like.
  2. I feel like to some extent ya, and in most scenarios maybe, but there are also many cases that it cannot. Its really dependent on each different situation.
  3. Its a really awkward question. Because it really starts off with why? Is it because someone believes eating animals is cruel? (personally i think the way we treat them does suck). But then if its a matter of cruelty, what would you consider life? Would crushing a fly be just as bad then? What about microorganism? Bacteria? Viruses? Do people only feel compassion when the living thing is visible to the naked eye? If its for the sake of being environmentally healthy, then its a little less debatable, as you could probably do off with less meat in your diet and make the environment a lot better off. (assuming you dont cut meat completely)
  4. Having a bunch of different cultures is amazing! its super fun cause then there's a bunch of tasty food you get to try, so why not? Now that being said, I feel like if foreigners have decided to move into a country, they should not force the host country to accommodate them. Thats quite rude of course. But other than that, people learn a bunch by sharing knowledge from different cultures. So I really see no harm in most cases.
  5. nah. I'm an egalitarian. I have nothing against ppl who actually follow what the definition of feminism is supposed to be tho. I do have a problem with many of the "feminists" I've seen though. And yes I do believe gender equality! I think the important part is that a lot of people think that if you aren't a feminist you aren't for gender equality. Which isn't true. You might not be a social activist but you could still believe in equal rights. Its the same thing with feminism.
  6. I don't recall that being a thing my dude. the 3 extra marks come from the TOK + EE, I think you're getting them mixed up with CAS. and for requirement, you need a total of 150 but as someone mentioned above, each school has different requirements. So to get the specific amount of hrs you need for each category, you should ask your cas manager.
  7. Hey! 1) This really heavily depends on how much info you have at hand and how specific your question will be. I also suggest doing your own personal survey of what people are a) using bicycles/willing to b)the cost in which they would buy a bicycle c) the distance they'd be willing to bike. All these are a huge factor in what could happen with the market failure 2) Cycling could be related to market failure via lack of consumers since many people could be way to far from their job to consider cycling. So if planned poorly, companies could potentially allocate way too many resources to cycling resulting in excess. Anyways, best of luck with your EE!
  8. Thank you both so much! C: I'll make some notes on both thoughts and see which one works out for me Canadian indeed! haha and best of luck with your EE rose!
  9. Hey! Thank you so much for you comment! Looking over some of my timeline point notes, Charlemagne/ Charles the great was a influential guy in the dark ages. Perhaps I could instead discuss his influence over the development of Europe (should be specified into a country later on perhaps) ? Thanks again! I really appreciate it C:
  10. Hello! My research area revolves around the extent to which the dark ages were regressive/unfavourable age or successful and a time of development. I know that was too broad, so I tried narrowing to strength(as in unity and military feats) and cultural prosperity. I'm still overall struggling because I feel like its too jumbled apart and I don't know where to start of. I feel like these thoughts are not coherent enough to prove one point and my end goal doesn't really make essay material. I wanted to prove that the dark ages/middle ages were a time of both prosperity and devastating events. Denying the idea that dark ages was a suitable name. Any help and suggestions to change my focus or other suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks a bunch
  11. WinterCrow

    Celebratory Post

    I'm done my first exam only haha Congrats though!
  12. I think you're referring to when IB bellcurves or moderates marks? I think that's for your oral exam you've done. They moderate differently each year, sometimes they don't moderate orals at all. Its different depending on the standards of each french teacher. I believe they leave your french exam mark as it is though.
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