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  1. Sorry about that. It needs to be updated. I take HL: Bio - Chem - English L&L SL: Math, History, French, Arabic A Literature Plus, do I have to pick my subject of choice before sitting for the exam?
  2. Hey guys, i was wondering which of my 7 IB subjects would count towards my final score (out of 45). Do i have the choice of choosing the one with a better grade?
  3. Hey guys, Apparently, many on this forum seem to have had an MUN experience. In fact, I will be attending this January's THIMUN Qatar conference (my 2nd year) as a Security Council chair. Has anybody tried chairing? If so, do you guys have any tips, or wisdom to share?
  4. This Saturday, the UN Security Council voted on a resolution condemning Israel's illegal settlements. So, it occurred to me that having a discussion on whether the actions (settlements, policies, etc..) of Palestine/Israel can be justified, would better our understanding of the topic. * Remember to be sensible and reasonable.. P.S: I am having my History IA written on this topic, so I've done my share of research! Looking forward to an objective debate!
  5. I think grades can indirectly describe one's intelligence.. Being intelligent means you are well aware of the supposedly flawed school system that favors students with higher grades. You believe that grades should not be parameters of one's intelligence, however, you also know that they are key to achieve success in a society that honors academic merit. Knowing that, you should play it smart and manipulate the system by working hard to get decent grades (regardless of your IQ). Therefore, by getting good grades you are intelligent not because there is a causation (between grades and IQ) but because you KNOW that studying hard is your only resort... I mean check out the IB Bio syllabus, you cannot be intelligent enough to know it without going over it, but you should be intelligent to know that you need to study for it
  6. Hey, Currently I am half-way into my first IB year. Now, I am seriously considering if I should swap my French B HL course for Arabic A Self-taught: Literature. Why, you may ask? Apparently, the uni I am applying to requires Arabic A (within the Diploma), however, our school doesn't offer it. How difficult would a literature (SL) course be without much tutoring, keeping in mind I will get rid of French HL.. Thanks!
  7. I would recommend La gloire de mon pere .. Has a quite interesting story line, yet understandable for foreign speakers.
  8. This sounds like an interesting project! However, bare in mind that CAS projects need to be at least one month in duration (including planning) and should be collaborative in nature. Other than that, anything can be a CAS project.. The more you enjoy doing it, the less any CAS project/experience will feel like a chore!
  9. I personally use Oxford and I think it is just fine. However, my teacher recommended Haese mathematics sl third edition.. Give it a try and see for yourself.. I personally like Oxford's organization though..
  10. To incorporate language, you can send him a letter as if you were a member of a minority group (Mexican, Muslim, ..etc) to him stating how his language has offended you and how it was used to include or exclude you. You can also create an argument by telling him about the good things you and your family does, so that you can prove him wrong. Just be creative about using language! Hope that helps!
  11. Hey guys, I happen to take French B at Higher Level, and was wondering if you guys have any tips which helped you speed through learning a B language and really ace it (like getting a 7)? Any help would be greatly valuable!
  12. Hi, So I am 2 months into my IB program (1st year). I take English A LaL at Higher Level, and I was wondering what it really takes to ace this subject (a 7)? I would love it if you guys can give me some tips for getting a 7.. What kind of flair or analysis is required to get to that top band? P.S: My teacher told me that she never met a person who got a 7 in this subject in her career (except for 1).
  13. I really wouldn't recommend History HL because you will not have only missed first year's syllabus, but also the methods and practices of answering questions would be something you need to get covered. As Rosalina stated, try to perfect your Chemistry, rather than testing the waters of something else.
  14. I am afraid it has to do more with Biology than Chemistry, depending on how you're approaching it?
  15. Hey everyone! I've just started IB this week and am very excited to experience this highly regarded program. However, I would love to hear from your wisdom, be it in the form of tips, recommendations, or things to do to help me get through with flying colors. I am taking: HL: - Biology - Chemistry - English A LAL - French B SL: - History - Math Any help is highly appreciated!