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  1. hi, for my tok presentation i chose as my RLS a scene from game of thrones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=125TBRssC_E its only 30sec. My knowledge question is: To what extent does culture influences language? Any thoughts or tips?
  2. What are your thoughts on a Real Life Situation based on a Tv-show? Comments and suggestions please.
  3. Check out this youtube channel! I struggled with substitution method in integration for weeks until in just a few minutes i completely understood it!
  4. Amy0501


    My investigation question is: To what extend did women´s involvement in ww1 contribute to gender equality in Great Britain? What do you think? My teacher said it was great, but I think it is not narrow enough. I would have to focus on their women´s role before, during and after the war as well as other factor that contribute to their right to vote. What do you think?
  5. Amy0501


    Hey, my teacher is giving us past papers as H.W. and I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve this one. Im kind of stuck. g is a quadratic function where g(0)=5. Its symmetry axis is x=2. Find the equation of g expressed as a(x-h)"2 +3
  6. Hi, well i finished writing it. I hope its okay. I used 2 data points to get the equation, then applied newtons law of coolings, described both their limitations. Then did ln(Time-Room Temp)vs Time and did linear regression. My teacher said it wasn't enough maths and that he would´t put me more than a three because it is at a course level.He expects more complicated things. I would really appreciate your comments Thanks for your support words.
  7. Hey, for my math IA im doing cooling of a car engine. My objective is to determine how much time it has to pass for the engine´s temperature to be okay for it to be touched. Its related to personal experience. I collected my data and got an exponential decay graph as predicted. Can you guys suggest ideas? I have some but not sure about them.
  8. Amy0501

    Math IA Cooling

    Hey guys! I´m doing my math IA on the cooling of a car engine. I was expecting to get an exponential decay regression but I got a logarithmic regression.I collected my own data using a sensor thermometer, Im using non- linear regression. I don´t know how to make the outline of my investigation. Should I use Newton´s Law of Cooling? Maybe try do the exponential regression and find the coefficient correlation and then compare to the logarithmic´s and go against the alleged ¨exponential decay function for thermodynamics? I´m not aiming to get a 20, too frustrated for that. I need a 16 to get a 6 in the IB which was my predicted before the IA came.
  9. thanks of the help! Whats wrong with APA? Thanks for answering really helped!
  10. Hi! I´m currently working on my history IA. Its on british women and their right to vote (1918). My teacher suggested using a primary source and I found a speech of Emmeline Pankhurst on women´s desire to get political rights. My school uses APA citation and I don't know how to cite this for C. Evaluation of sources. It is in this book: https://books.google.com.pe/books?id=9EWOp_AgxfQC&pg=PA6&dq=freedom+or+death+emmeline+pankhurst+full+speech&hl=es&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=freedom or death emmeline pankhurst full speech&f=false but it also contains other speeches. So should I just mention it and focus on the speech?
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