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  1. I was wondering if psychologyib.com is legit and that studying for one level of analysis is a good strats and has any brought one of his textbooks/booklets
  2. As expected go to the midwest. One of the best schools for Ag, is Iowa State, and if Ames(location of Iowa State) is too small of a town for your liking, go to University of Nebraska (Lincoln), they are more developed, and in a bigger city with LOTS of resources. Hopes this helps!
  3. So I want to know basically a preview of this class like what are all the stuff that are required and what are the percentage of those to work to your grade. Basically a guideline would help.
  4. IB Math Standard Notes View File It has basically everything you need for math sl. Submitter LHS4IB Submitted 06/20/2016 Category Notes  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    It has basically everything you need for math sl.
  6. I can give you insight about my math HL class. In my school, we have an amazing math teach which kind of dictates our success but ultimately it how much dedicate yourself to math and your interests for it. I would say that if you made it this far, hardwork can get you a minimum 6. The real difference maker is how much you are prepare for those IB question because they can be quite tricky. I would suggest you take look back at past papers and really do them. Textbook question are ok but to really strive for that 7, past exam paper and question bank if you have access to it. Personally, by doing the homework, I get the just of what IB wants and doing some ib questions really prepares be for the testes and I think that why I have a very high predicted score
  7. From experience, if you make your self a checklist and grade your essay yourself, you will realize your weakness and strength. I mean, reflection is one of the ib learner traits and I can assure you that the grade you give yourself is the grade that your teacher will give you
  8. Yo I'm taking IB Psch SL next year and can you give me a break down of how the class works? Are you saying that everyone can get basically the same answer?
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