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  1. So I have been struggling very much with my Business Internal Assessment, it's been absolute hell. I didn't hand in the first draft so I never got it marked and I've missed the internal deadline for the final and I haven't even completed it. I never thought it would be so hard, after all I also did an extended essay on business too. I've been pulling all nighters for almost a week now and I just can't get it right so I'm thinking of just handing it terrible like that. How much would a bad IA affect my results? I'm a predicted 6 but with how my IA is going... Im afraid I wont be able to get my IB Diploma. If I were to score a 3 on my IA for example and a 7 on the exams, what result would my final be? a rough idea? I am in need of a bit of consolation. This task have given me so much anxiety, I've lost my appetite and the will to do anything.
  2. thank you a lot for replying! ill keep that in mind yeah i know i messed up real bad.. i was just really indecisive about the topic i wanted to do and it dragged out to this. Thank you! ill heed your advicen
  3. Hi, i've been scouring the internet for a business extended essay sample that scored well with the ib but have discovered none Does anyone happen to know a site or some place i can check out some examples of a good business ee Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, So Im really behind on my EE and have no idea what to do? Is there a basic structure we should follow? I got very few instructions from my supervisor Im doing mine in Business and the first draft is due in August 15th but i currently have nothing, not even a research question. So i'm really behind :'( I want to focus it on Nike's use of social media in marketing but I'm not sure how to form a research question out of this or if it's maybe too specific and therefore wouldn't be able to cover 4000 words. Also wondering if I should compare it with another company, so do 2 companies instead? So basically a question like "To what extent has social media marketing contributed to Nike's loyal customer base(or brand name)" or "How has nike's social media marketing strategy contributed to its success" or "Should ___company implement Nike's social media marketing strategy" Please help, thank you in advance!
  5. thanks for replying! Yeah I'll check with my teacher
  6. Hi, So after a long search I've finally found a business willing to participate in my IA. However, the business is a very local one and don't have proper documentations eg. business plan nor digital records of past sales and such. They've only just established a computerised system 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if I could still do my IA on them despite the lack of official docs and insight on past trends. Also there are no secondary research that I would be able to collect on them ( which is a section in the research proposal structure i was given by my teacher) as they do not have anything online at all, no website or page. Thanks
  7. Thank you for responding ! I'll rephrase my RQ. I would change it but I've already finished the experiment and redoing it is not possible :/ I was just wondering if it would be a huge problem. Thanks again, it did help!
  8. Hi, I've finished doing my experiment and I am now trying to write up my lab report. My research question is "How does changing the concentration (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 1%) of potato solution containing the enzyme catalase affect the speed of at which a paper disk sinks and rises in a beaker of 1.5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide?" and I'm not sure whether i'm doing it right anymore? Does my RQ make sense at all? Also I've just realised my independent variable, the concentration of potato solution isn't decreasing proportionally because of that 1% at the end but I need atleast 5 variables. Would this greatly affect my lab report? I'm completely lost and confused right now
  9. Hi, I'm currently doing my Business IA but I'm struggling to find a business to research on Most People have family friends or family who owns a business but I don't have that. I found a business before and even did my research proposal on them but just last night they pulled out on me and now I'm desperate to find a new business. What should I do? How do I approach a random business with no connections? Please help!!
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