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  1. Dreamer94

    English A1 HL P1

    It was a lovely extract (The history one / TZ2) but there was a lot of interpretation involved. For example, my friend looked it up and it turned out that the narrator was Crick, something I didn't really know. So I don't know if they'll take off marks for not knowing that? In the end, my teacher kept emphasizing that it was all about interpretation and how well you backed up your argument.
  2. I was reading the May 2009 subject reports, and some of the weaknesses highlighted by the examiners was either writing too short or too long responses. They mentioned "3 sides" as too short, and "10 sides" as far too long. Just wondering: is a side considering 1 IB Paper, back and front? Blonde question, yes, but I'm quite confused. "10 sides" would be 5 IB papers, which, considering my medium handwriting size, would be ideal. However, I think they mentioned 10 sides as too long simply because the students, with extremely long responses, tend to divert from the original question posed. How much would you write in Paper 2? While quality undoubtedly trumps quantity, there is still of a question of how much writing would result in an excellent response.
  3. Dreamer94

    Narrowing Topic Title for WL1

    Thank you! I knew it was way too broad. I was thinking of narrative structure. Here are the aspects I'll be focusing on: 1- Link between opening and ending of the novels 2- Division of the novel into parts and chapters (comparison) 3- First person narration vs. third person narration including tempo of the narrative My teacher told us that it had to be one of the five aspects listed in the syllabus. So it's either narrative technique, characterization, portrayal of society, cross cultural issue, and something else. I originally wanted to do how one of the narratives technique enhances the protagonists' characterization, but my teacher wanted me to focus on one aspect, not two.
  4. I was reading the subject reports for May 2009, and the examiners keep stressing the importance of the topic title in the World Literature Papers. I'm doing narrative technique in The Stranger and The Metamorphosis, but I can't narrow it down further. My teacher told me to define what I'll be discussing in the introduction, but I still feel like the topic title is a bit too general. Any suggestions?
  5. Dreamer94

    Specimen papers

    Does anyone know where I can find the specimen paper for Route 1 History? I found a specimen paper for route 2, but not 1. I didn't find it in the IBO store or searches in google.
  6. Dreamer94

    Math Studies & Ivy league ?

    A person from our school was able to get into Brown with Math Studies. She was, however, exceptionally smart with a 2200+ in hers SATs and a lot of extra curriculars. She was Student Council president, fluent in French, did Kumon, and was active in sports.
  7. Interesting topic. Our Arabic A2 teacher was actually discussing this today, but with a twist: to what extent are we defined by our maids/housekeepers/nannies? (Arabs tend to have so an Asian housekeeper or two in their homes to help with daily workload.) He kept on bringing this up, telling us we're not really influenced by our parents by the culture, religion, and tradition of our housekeepers more. Like for example in a family it might be wrong to talk to guys. The housekeeper, who probably comes from a very liberal country, will help out the girl to sneak out and talk to boys and do all kinds of dangerous stuff (LOL, talking to boys here is thought to lead to dangerous stuff ). I'll get back to this topic later, when I have the time
  8. Dreamer94

    Extra Points

    Umm I don't think the IB's that tough if its an illness or disease. There was one student in our school who became sick before the exams and ended up missing her exams but ended up making them later. She certainly didn't fail any exam
  9. Dreamer94

    Choosing HL in IB2?

    Our school is the same as Eydie's. Personally, I think it is a terrible choice. Seriously, having SL and HL students for the 1st year is fine for certain subjects like English and History, but for the sciences it's a recipe for disaster. In theory, SL and HL Bio students should be done with the core & options in their first year, so that HL students move on to do AHL in IB 2. ...But that didn't work out. Instead the SL bio seniors still didn't even finish their options and the HL students have around 7-8 chapters to finish! And the exam is in 4 months! It's crazy. I think our school implemented this policy because separating SL and HL students would be too much trouble. When you think of it, there are 4 classes a day, each one being 80 minutes, so splitting HL and SL in the first year will cause too many classes for 1 subject and it'll be too confusing for the teachers. Also, a common thing about students who sign up for IB instead of A-levels have no idea what they want, so they end up switching their HL and SL subjects a lot. For example, when I started I thought I would take Eng HL, Bio HL, History HL, Chem SL, Math SL. Now I think I'm certain I'm going to do Eng HL, Bio SL, History HL, [i switched to ITGS SL instead of Chem SL] and from Arabic A2 SL to Arabic B HL. So yeah, only subjects unchanged were English and History! But I do agree though, it's best to split HL and SL because HL students can finish whatever syllabus they have in time and be able to be separate classes where they are paid more attention.
  10. Dreamer94

    Helpful books for English A1

    Yeah, our teacher recommended us to buy it as well. It's seriously expensive (they charged something like $70) around here so our teacher told us to buy it in groups. But I still feel like there's more to it than what he wrote? Perhaps the English Course Companion is better...
  11. Dreamer94

    What was everyone doing before IB?

    I was going on the normal American Diploma route which consists of taking 1 science, 1 social science, 1 math, 1 English, 1 arabic, and 2 electives (I did debate/economics) every year. Honestly, it didn't prepare me for IB at all! Math SL is proving to be exhausting because our school's math curriculum is completely different than that of the IB! Seriously the stuff we were learning in 9 and 10 were all presumed knowledge; so nothing we're doing now is old - it's all new! pfft. The teacher says we're the worst math SL class, and I agree with her. Science preparation was okay, I guess. Social science preparation was perfect! English prep was okay, not too good, but the one it did help in was developing good writing skills. No wonder why people who were in my school for their whole life never got the top mark every year. It's always a transfer student...
  12. Dreamer94

    Law in the UK

    Eydie, taking History is an excellent subject for law. History will provide you analytical skills that will be of great use in law. Plus in History you develop good writing skills, a necessary requirement for making a case in law. My sister took the humanities route her high school, which is a mix of literature, history, economics, and other social sciences (in Bahrain, you choose a route (science, humanities, technical, commerce) in public schools) and she says it helped her a lot in college. But she says law, in general, requires a lot of memorization! She's given these huge books in each course and she's expected to know it inside out. So basically, just like History, law is "read and regurgitate" IMO.
  13. Dreamer94

    Biology SAT Subject Test

    Ironically, schools here do. Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) in Bahrain accepts all students who show English language proficiency - it doesn't matter if you're IB, AP, A levels, or even American Diploma! Of course IB/AP/A levels give you an advantage and let you skip a year, but mostly RCSI accepts students because most of the ones accepted are on scholarships - RCSI is quite expensive (like 8-10,000 BD)a year. LOL
  14. Dreamer94

    Biology SAT Subject Test

    It's just one of the options I'm considering. I'm not going into medicine (obviously because I'm not taking Bio HL!), I'm going into psychology hopefully in the future. I was thinking of it mainly because it's recommended at some US colleges (not Ivy League ones)
  15. Dreamer94

    EE in Islamic History

    I was thinking the time period period would be similar to the Iranian Revolution, but I think that would make my essay fall into Political Thought as well, and the IB won't like that very much I would assume.

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