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  1. Hi everyone, In my TOK essay, I have not really included anything much about personal/shared knowledge (only 1 mention) nor the ways of knowing. My essay was mainly focused on the AOK and its methods used. Will this cost me marks when I send the essay off to IB examiners? Technically, the mark scheme only says that you only need different perspectives that are linked to AOKs OR ways of knowing. So does that mean I don't have to include ways of knowing in my essay because it's not really that relevant to what I'm saying anyway?
  2. By showing evidence of it do you mean putting pictures of the standardisation in?
  3. For my IA, I am doing a redox titration using sodium thiosfulate. My question is: if my school has provided me with a jug of sodium thiosulfate labelled 0.1M, would I still need to standardise it for my Chemistry IA? Or can I just assume that figure is correct? I'm afraid if I do this I will lose marks on methodology although I could just mention this in my Evaluation. Help would be much appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently doing my Maths IA on correlation and I was looking at samples from the IBO and from different places on the internet. People seem to always calculate what Pearson's correlation coefficient and averages are manually when they can do it on their graphical calculator and include a snapshot. I'm doing that but because everyone is doing it manually, I'm starting to wonder whether doing it on my calculator will get me marks in Criterion E: Use of Mathematics. Also, literally my whole IA is based on snapshots from my graphical calculator - will that get me marks?
  5. So for one of the main two sources I plan on using for Part A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources, I chose a letter which is cited in a textbook. I've tried to find the exact location of that letter and whether it's available online but I can't seem to find anything and chances are it's not available since it's from years ago and I don't have access to any sort of archives like that. Would it still be okay if I cited the primary source which is on the textbook instead of the primary source itself? Sorry if this is a bit confusing.
  6. Alright, thank you very much!! And our school required us to submit it to our own school site early for some reason - not really sure. But this means I can get that out of the way and do other stuff
  7. I'm afraid I've already submitted my final EE and I decided to just not include the date in the research question at all... Do you think the examiners will take points away from that because it's not concise or something?
  8. How long do you think is too long for a time period for a history EE? Currently mine is 15 years but I just realised I included stuff from many years before that period. Does this mean I have to change the entire time span and make it broader even if I just have 1 event that was earlier compared to the rest?
  9. Hi, so I'm going to be taking the IB program in August and my school has given me the option to change my current choices. Currently I have: HL Economics, English Literature, History and Chinese B; SL Maths and Chemistry. I want to become a lawyer in the future, which is why History and English Literature are at HL. But I'm unsure about SL Maths and if I should change it to SL Math Studies because I'm afraid it may take up too much time away from revising for English and History. However, my back up plan if I am unable to become a lawyer is to become an accountant (and if possible get a double degree in university) so should I stick to SL Maths? I'm good at maths (for my IGCSEs and ever since I was in middle school, I've been getting straight A*'s) but not the best at it and would never consider doing HL Maths. For those of you who have done SL Maths, is it manageable and does not require that much time?
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