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  1. Yes, you will still have to take the EQAO test in Grade 9. BTW, it's a MATH test in grade 9, the Literacy test (Also known as OSSLT) is taken in grade 10. However, they honestly aren't too difficult and you'll do fine. Good luck!!
  2. Depends on the school. At my school, you need at least 70% in every course (one can be in the 60's). You should go and ask your guidance counselor. good luck, bonne chance !
  3. Hey guys! Okay so I'm in grade 10 Pre-IB right now and we have to do a mock math exploration in order to prepare us for next year. Idk how much of our mark it's worth but I want to do well on it. I looked at some examples from the past and realized that the IB graders (or whatever you wanna call them) mark really hard. How should I write my math exploration? How long should it be? What should the structure/format be? How many diagrams and graphs should be included? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!