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  1. Our school offers - English Language and Literature and English Literature at HL . I plan on taking one of these but dont know the difference , Im decent at english I did english language in igcse and didnt really care for it , I have never done literature . Which one would be easier for me ?
  2. But taking psych would reduce my chance at getting a higher score ... Also has it ever been said that Business Managment is considered an easier subject by any uni ?
  3. I plan on studying economics / business at university and must decide my subjects and im really confused . Im taking HL - Eco , English and I have to decide between business and psychology . I did business in igcse and enjoyed it but I hear in IB doing it at HL is useless as colleges dont give credits for business , I am interested in psychology but I heard there is alot of memorization and I dont know if ill be able to do it . Is it better if I do psychology and get a lower score than doing business and getting a higher score as colleges will know I took a harder subject ? Please help me choose between HL business or psychology . My SLs are going to be - Math , french ab and Biology or ess . I have to decide hear too as I wanna do ess but colleges reccomend you to take a real science like biology I have no idea if this is true so can someone please help me , Im sure if I do ess ill get a higher score but I wont get any credits . Bio also has a lot to memorize and if I wanna go into business / economics is taking an actual science neccesary or even helpful ? If anyone could give me any feedback it would mean alot . Also I am only taking HL ENG lang and lit is because im terrified of math and wont be able to do it , so if its a whole new combination you think I could take please let me know . If theres anyone who plans on studying eco/business in uni and is doing IB what subjects did you take ??? Thanksss
  4. Im going to take the following subjects next year HL - ECO , PSYCH AND ENG LANG AND LIT SL - BIO , MATH , FRENCH AB My school is saying they wont offer SL bio . So I was thinking of taking HL - eco , business , eng . SL - ess , math , french AB . If I switch Psych to Business and Bio to ess . I will have a easier time but will colleges like it ? Or should I stick with psych and just change bio to chem ? I wanna go into business so is taking HL business neccesary ? I already took business in IGCSE . If someone could please help me it would be great.
  5. Should I take easier subjects like business and ess and at least get a 40 or take harder subjects like psychology and biology and get average grades. Which one will colleges be more happy with ???
  6. Starting IB next month , wanted to know what is the best textbook for math SL so I can start preparing ? if you could attach a link on amazon or something thatd be really helpful ..
  7. I just finished my igcse's and was deciding on whether I should take Eng lang and lit or eng lit for HL . I honestly dont really know the difference between the two and wanted to honestly take the easier one because I already have 2 Hard HL subjects . In Igcse I did english language and never did literature before ... If theres anyone who had the same dilemma as I did what did you guys decide to take and how has it been ?
  8. I have been learning spanish from the last 7 years and still find it very hard , the grammar is the hardest for me . I have to decide next year what language ill take my options are Spanish B and French AB . I have never studied french before and have a fear that I may get it confused with spanish . The average grades for French AB is about 4.8 whereas Spanish B is 5.7 (according to our coordinator) But I heard getting even close to a 5 or 6 in spanish is extremely tough. If anyone has taken french AB or spanish B please advise..
  9. Ohh , IB Bio seems like it has alot of content and chem sl is very similar to IGCSE chemistry . Im equally good at both , Also Im taking Psych HL so taking bio SL would help me more than Chem SL right ?
  10. Thanksss so much . But between bio SL and chem SL which one would be better ? in terms of how hard it is and which one would help me...
  11. Which one is harder chem SL or Bio SL or should I just take ess but colleges dont give credit for it.
  12. Planning on going into business and should I take business HL or psychology HL as i already am going to take HL economics...
  13. I was just wondering as I heard from many people that taking Business HL or ESS SL is pointless if I want to go into business These are the subjects im planning on taking - HL - ECON , BUSINESS/PSYCH , ENG . SL - MATH , FRENCH AB AND ESS/CHEM/BIO Cant decide between business or psych and ess , chem and , bio . Pleasee helppp
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