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  1. Hello! I literally logged in just to thank you! I'm currently cramming for IBDP 1 finals and your notes are really helpful. They are also so organised and pretty! I haven't found such pretty resources online in a long time, and it definitely makes it easy on the eyes, so the stress actually goes down a bit. Thank you so much for putting it up for everyone! I'm really grateful.
  2. Sorry! I added all that information up there now. I wasn't very aware of all those things actually. Thank you, though! It'll help me with future queries. And yes, I'm not really looking for guides for the languages, It's really just Biology HL, Chemistry HL, and Maths SL that I'm looking at for guides. Thanks for the tips! I'll keep those in mind when looking at guides.
  3. Hey, guys. I'll just give out a list of my subjects in case it helps: HL: Biology, Chemistry, English SL: French, Psychology, Maths I'm currently thinking of going into the medical field, but I've been having some doubt recently. I want to do Psychiatry and if my calculations are correct, it would take 10+ years to finish my education. So I might just go into the healthcare field, not necessarily Medicine, but something similar. Although, as I said, I'm not sure yet. So I currently am a right disgrace in Chemistry. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like the subject and am incredibly interested in the sciences. But I'm afraid my teacher isn't exactly the best (okay, she's really...well, she's just not good at teaching concepts from scratch) and I'm literally failing my tests. I'm great at everything else, like the lab experiments, lab reports, and things that require you to be logical/practical. I actually ENJOY writing the lab reports, analysing data, etc. But when it comes to writing the tests, I am not doing well at all. And it feels terrible. I legitimately considered just dropping the subject as a whole because of how much I loathed Chemistry class. Now obviously that wouldn't look good on my university application if I actually do intend on doing Medicine. I want you guys to know that I am absolutely sure of that fact that I enjoy Chemistry. After looking at the situation from different perspectives and approaches, I've settled on the problem being the teacher. I sat back with her for some extra classes but it did not work out. I still didn't understand anything. I then thought that I could try to study it on my own but it was taking too much of my time and that would lead to me losing progress in other subjects. I really don't want to drop Chemistry. So I was wondering if shifting from HL to SL would help me enough to get a decent score in the subject. I'm not even asking for a 6/7, I personally think a 4 or 5 would do, that's how bad I am at it right now. I'd have to switch my levels in Psychology since that's the only SL subject I have that I can viably change levels in. My mid-year exams (just a series of summative exams that follow the pattern of the actual IB exam) end on December 9 (Friday), and after that, it'll be the last chance I have to drop the subject and take up something else. So if I choose to keep Chemistry, I'll have to stick with it. I can change levels for another year, however, so that's more under control. But do you guys think that I should switch from Chem HL to SL? Or just drop the subject as a whole? Will switching to SL be easier enough for me to not just drop the subject? Please keep in mind I DO enjoy the subject. I just don't enjoy the class. I think that's a pretty valid difference. Do you think I can handle Chemistry on my own? Not the whole subject, but most of it here and there? It's not possible to change to another class+teacher because the schedules are super tight. If I come across stuff that is too difficult for me to study on my own, I'll go to the teacher. But would it be better if I just switched to SL later? Is it "easier" to score in, by a large number? Also, I'm thinking of going to university in Canada. I think that information might matter as this question also concerns university applications. Thank you for your time. Sorry if I missed any important details. Sincerely, A really confused/afraid student who has a lot of potential but doesn't know what to do.
  4. Thanks for the replies, guys! I didn't see them until now but thank you for replying anyway. I'm sure they would help someone else with the same question. I ended up sticking with Maths SL! It's not that difficult at all. I was just kind of intimidated by the surface level of things, haha. But yeah, for anyone wondering, Maths SL is challenging at a very moderate level, and tbh moving down to Studies isn't worth it at all. If you're decent at Grade 10 mathematical concepts, you would do just fine as long as you make sure you understand whatever it is that your teacher is teaching at that moment itself. Don't set it aside saying that you'll "do it later" because you won't. And if you do, it'll be way more difficult. So just try to understand everything in that moment itself. Take some help from your classmates/friends if you can, but don't give up.
  5. Hey, guys. Even before I joined the IB, I used to be that person who got the guide for every subject ever. But the IB study guides/course companions are really expensive, and not all of them are good. So I wanted to know what study guides/companions you guys liked for any of the subjects in the list below, mainly the sciences. My subjects are: HL: Biology, Chemistry, English (Language & Literature, Language A) SL: French (Ab Initio, Language B), Psychology, Maths I'm mainly only thinking about guides/companions for the sciences, and maybe Maths SL as well. My teachers (Biology and Chemistry) aren't that good and honestly, I barely understand anything in their class unless I knew about the topic already. I have Pearson's textbooks for Chemistry (HL), Biology (HL), Maths (SL), and Psychology; I have the Cambridge textbooks for Physics (I just bought it because I was interested in the subject. I haven't taken the course.), French, and English Language & Literature. And an Oxford textbook for TOK. But yeah, to clarify, I'm mostly interested in guides/companions for Biology HL, Chemistry HL, and MAYBE Maths SL. What do you guys recommend from experience?
  6. Hey, guys. I have just started my IBDP and these are my current subjects: HL: Chemistry, Biology, English SL: Psychology, French, Maths I was initially okay with taking Maths SL but now that the school year has officially begun, it's kind of intimidating me. I'm not horrible at Math, but I'm not super comfortable with it either. I'd have no problem taking it but I'm afraid it might lower my score. I was wondering if taking Mathematical Studies instead would cause a problem? I'm planning to go for Medicine, most likely in the US, or Canada. I just don't want to take any chances and risk dropping my score just because of a confusion. I've asked various people and counsellors and they told me that Maths SL/HL isn't necessary for medical schools and that Studies would suffice. I know it will make my application less competitive but I really don't want to end up with a low IB score and just lose both ways if I can prevent it. Would most universities mind if I take up Studies instead of SL? Thank you!
  7. I'm currently enrolled for the IBDP and will be starting school this July. We had to submit our subjects and I was pretty satisfied with my selection until the moment where we had to discuss everything with the headmaster and the coordinator. I wish to pursue Medicine, preferably in the US. (For several reasons) The principal recommended I take HL: Chemistry, Physics, English SL: Psychology, French, Maths when we were discussing my interests, ambitions, etc. But I'm not sure if I want to take Physics anymore because Physics HL does look exceptionally difficult and though I am sure I can do it if I try hard enough, I don't want to take it if I can do better in another subject. This is what I think I might finally take HL: Chemistry, Biology (I like Bio better than Physics), English SL: Psychology, French, Maths I personally find Biology to be more favourable as it interests me more, and is more relevant to what I want to pursue in Medicine. (Currently focused on Psychiatry, not sure) I am an Indian, and my principal is American, so he isn't too familiar with how Indian universities work, so that's why the coordinator puts in her opinions as well. However, Indian universities require THREE sciences. So basically I will be "closing my doors to Indian universities" if I go with my selection. There's the whole thing where I can give out a student proposal to take up three sciences but honestly, I don't think I can perform my best with all of my HLs being sciences. And is Physics somehow better than Biology? Just curious. No complications with Chemistry, though. I'm new here and I apologise if I've made any mistakes like posting to the wrong forum, etc. Anyway, I am really hoping that I'll be able to go to an American university (again, for several reasons), but I want to be safe here IF that is possible. If not, I honestly don't know what I should do...I've got some time before I have to give in my decision. I hope that's enough information, if not, I'll try my best to add more if I can. If anyone would be kind enough to guide me here, I'd be REALLY grateful. Thanks. x
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