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  1. Thank you so much! What do you think about University of Toronto? If I applied for College of Arts & Science (Economics) instead of going for Rotman Commerce, could I make it? I'd like St. George campus since i'm international and would like to have a proper downtown toronto experience
  2. I am predicted a 36 in IB, which is not very good imo but I have amazing extracurriculars: -Represented Hong Kong and ranked top 30 in the world in History (International History Olympiad) and I ranked 2nd in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong History Olympiad -Internship at J.P. Morgan Chase -Started a tutor-tutee matching company, barely made money but the experience is what counts :') -Head Organiser of a fundraising dance event in school, raised 40,000 HKD, head of my house's charity council: raised a total of 15,000 HKD with that, went to Laos to help build a school for the illiterate -A+ in a university level introductory finance course at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Can I get into these universities? (Low/Mid/Reach me please) - I'd like to study either Commerce or Economics (Ik econ is less competitive) please chance me on course too! - UBC -University of Toronto -NYU CAS Economics -University of Southern California -One of the UC's: UC Davis/San Diego/Irvine Please, please, please reply! I really need some help
  3. In this exploration, I want to see how mathematics is used to "predict" price movements by financial traders. This is very interesting to me as I want a career in Finance. Furthermore, I want to explore particular events such as the fall of the Lehman Brothers etc. and view correlations between stock valuation, output and market volatility. I also aim to find out what sort of correlations there are in particular stocks. I will use technical analysis (stats) on a particular stock index to find these price trends. The majority of the maths required in financial markets & trading is probability, statistics & stochastic calculus. The Black-Scholes equation (although very complex) predicts the likelihood of an option being exercised and can be used for market patterns. The volatility of financial markets/stocks is not constant and so there is a lot of statistics used such as standard deviation. The majority of the maths required will be done through Monte-Carlo simulations (which includes standard deviation, mean increase, skewness, kurtosis). In terms of particulars, in statistics I can use: Spearman's Rank Correlation to find relationships etc. I will carry out this exploration through doing research on price movements. I will collect data from JP Morgan's financial statements to see how their stock in particular changes prices based on a variety of factors. Through collecting the data, I will model correlation graphs and different types of graphs. I could use financial information from the Credit Crunch to see how market volatility and other factors affect price movements, find the standard deviation and graph the price volumes. I am doing an internship as a trading analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase this summer. I have asked my supervisor at JP Morgan to provide me with support on my Math IA. Through professional teaching on this aspect of maths, I will be able to understand quantitative finance and its role in maths more clearly. Adding on, I am doing a summer course in Finance at HKUST which will improve my understanding of this topic even more. I want to spend the last 3 weeks of the summer applying everything I learnt about the mathematics in stock trading and come up with my IA. Do you think this idea is good? Ideally, I want a 6 or a 7.
  4. Hey all, I would like to study business/finance/accounting or something along those lines. These are the subjects I take and I am really worried after bombing my exams I am looking at a predicted grade of around 37 or 38 (hopefully the latter). I haven't taken the SAT yet so I'm unsure on what to aim for. Please provide me with some advice and whether I am capable of getting into the universities I have listed. Thanks so much. Subjects I study & what i'm currently at after Y12 finals: HL Economics - 6/7 HL Physics - 6 HL History - 5 -> Hopefully I can get a 6 PG but idk SL Math - 5 -> I know I can make this a 6 for final PG SL Spanish B - 7 SL English - 5/6 ExtraCurriculars: 1) Represented Hong Kong in the International History Olympiad & ranked Top 30 in the world 2) School Cricket Team Vice Captain 3) Head Organiser of a dance event in school to promote diversity and to raise awareness for a charity named ADA (Raised $40,000) 4) J.P. Morgan Chase Internship - Financial Analyst 5) Debating & MUN Team 6) Head of Student Council & Charity Affairs Council (Raised $15,000 for Feeding HK) 7) Spent a week in Laos helping build a school in a poor village @ Luang Prabang 8)Took part in several charity events 9) Learnt Python programming at an FDM workshop 10) HKUST Summer School - Studying Accounting & Finance Aspirational Universities: Canada: -UBC -UofT -McGill -Queens USA: - NYU Stern/CAS -University of Michigan -One of the UC's (apart from LA & Berkeley) HK: -HKU -HKUST UK: -Manchester
  5. Just wondering because we have to choose soon - Currently find Astrophyics most intriguing!
  6. I'd recommend you stay in HL Physics if you're willing to put in extra effort in it. On our first test in mechanics I know several people that got 2s and 3s and then on the 3rd test few of them moved up to 6s and one even got the highest in the class (7) and the others dropped. So if you want you can choose to work your butt off and be the latter or if you believe you are capable of succeeding more in another subject, definitely go for that.
  7. I'd recommend you stay in HL Physics if you're willing to put in extra effort in it. On our first test in mechanics I know several people that got 2s and 3s and then on the 3rd test few of them moved up to 6s and one even got the highest in the class (7) and the others dropped. So if you want you can choose to work your butt off and be the latter or if you believe you are capable of succeeding more in another subject, definitely go for that.
  8. I am taking HL Physics and SL Maths, but I am not taking Chemistry for IB. I am planning on studying computer science or a type of engineering in Canada (UofT, UBC) I am sure I can score well in SL Maths. Will not having taken Chemistry and HL Maths create a barrier between me and wanting to study engineering? Canadian colleges dont seem to mind SL Maths as far as i've heard but please advise me on my situation.
  9. Thank you! I have no desire to study in UK really! Looking more into US and Hong Kong for which I could perhaps show my mathematical skills by SAT subject tests (Maths). They're not really as restrictive as UK is and it seems UK unis don't understand how hard HL Math is compared to A-level Math 😡 Furthermore literally everything requires HL maths in UK that has any relation to STEM.
  10. Hey! Thanks for the wonderful reply. I would most definitely take HL Maths, however, I just don't think I'm cut out for that level of maths. I'm good at maths and can fairly easily manage an A/A* in GCSE level. But I'm just not 'great' at maths. I believe I can score higher in economics, physics and history. I genuinely wish I was competent for HL Maths, but since I'm not, should I just aim for the highest level im capable of with these subjects? I understand how essential maths is for universities (uk specifically) however I'm most likely to apply to HK and USA. Therefore, the effect on not taking HL Math should not be so tremendous right? I hope so :/ I love economics and the maths involved within. The difference in the level of maths in HL Maths and Economics is humongous. I understand why it's so recommended to major in subjects like engineering and physics, but finance and accounting rarely require anything greater than business calculus?? Thank you for your reply! Greatly appreciated
  11. I really like both these subjects very much but everyone says they're both perhaps one of the hardest subjects. Would it be a viable option to take both? Too deadly? Or can I cope with it?
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering how important IGCSE final grades are to get into top US colleges because i'm unsure whether I did extremely well (perhaps, just good) - Haven't got them back yet, but im mainly just expectings A's :/
  13. Thank you!! Super worried for Physics, I hope all goes well though! Oh wow, you've got a long way to go till IB! I'd say enjoy your life until then HAHA What subjects are you planning on taking next year?
  14. Hey guys, please comment on my selections and their difficulty. HL History HL Economics HL Physics SL Maths SL English LangLit SL Ab Initio Spanish ------- I'm mainly just really worried about Higher Physics because everyone talks about how hard it is to even get a 6 in Physics and everything. I'm willing to work over summer though, if that would be advantageous at all.
  15. Hello! I am an IGCSE Student and i'm taking Higher Physics in IB after the summer. Could someone tell me exactly how hard it is to get a good grade (perhaps a 6) in HL Physics? I'm predicted an A* for IGCSE Maths and I usually get an A in Physics in IGCSE (However, i've heard from all my teachers that IB Physics is miles away). Is Physics as counter-intuitive and difficult as everyone says it is? Frankly, this is the only subject im extremely worried about for next year. I'm taking SL Maths too rather than HL Maths as i'd just prefer to have a good grade lol I mostly would like to go into Economics/Finance and probably if I can, i'd like to minor in Computer Science. Please give me some advice with my the difficulty of HL Physics for a not so science-inclined student. (However, I am willing to work hard)
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