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  1. Well I messed up :/
  2. Well I started a programming club and I got a lot of hours for creativity. You could also design a website for an organisation for your CAS project; that's what I'm doing.
  3. Our counselor tells us that taking four HLs doesn't help much for applying to US universities, and that it isn't worth the added stress. So I suggest that you drop the HL you're performing poorly on and focus on getting the highest grades possible.
  4. So I can't really decide which subjects to take and was wondering if you guys could help me out with this. I plan on either studying Computer Science or Medicine in the future. Option 1: HL = Chem, Bio, Math SL = French A, Eng Lit, History Option 2: HL = Math, Bio, Geo SL = French A, History, Eng Lit Option 3: HL = Math, Eng Lit, Bio SL = French A, History, Geo Option 4: HL = Math, Bio, Eng Lit SL = French A, History, Chem Option 5: HL = Eng Lit, Bio, Chem SL = French A, History, Math I wanted to take Math HL for computer science, and the teacher teaching that class is really great, it's also one of my favourite subjects. I think English Lit would be really beneficial since it would strengthen my writing skills and analytical skills (which would help for the SAT essay, History, EE (planning on doing it on English), and the TOK essay). Bio HL is one I'm definitely taking :). I was considering Geo HL since it's really easy for me, giving me more time to spend on my harder classes. The most useful classes for Comp Sci or Medicine would be math, bio and chem HL but i'm worried that that would be too much work...so any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I took Physics at IGCSE and I'm not able to take it alongside bio and chem in IB :c
  6. Why take 7 subjects? Drop Spanish ab initio, and maybe drop HL English Literature to an SL. If you find Math too difficult after some time, drop that to an SL and bump up Eng Lit to an HL. It'll be easier than taking 4 HLs right from the get go since there's isn't too big of a difference between SL and HL English at the start especially.
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if taking math HL would increase my chances of admission to Ivy league colleges... Currently my options for IB are looking like this: HL = English Lit, Chem, Bio SL = National Lang A, Math, History Would this be considered rigorous enough? Or should I take: HL = Math, Chem, Bio SL = National Lang A, History, English Lit I'm also planning on doing my EE on English Lit so would taking that SL really affect it? Sorry for all the questions Btw I'm planning on majoring in biochemistry, then going to med school. My dream school is Johns Hopkins Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if my choices are fine for someone who wants to be a doctor in the future: HL: English Literature, Chemistry, Biology SL: Math, History, National Language A Is Math SL too low? Also, is this combination considered rigorous enough for top universities (and good enough for merit based scholarships if I score high enough?). Thanks!