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  1. Lana426

    Help with IA

    Hi everyone! I am a DP2 student and our Math teacher has started talking about our IA. My main idea is to compare acceptance rates of for an example, top 100 colleges in the US for Econ (which I want to study) and then compare it to the median salaries graduates get from those unis. I want to see if there's any correlation between the two in order to figure out whether I should apply for highly selective schools. If the correlation is not that high, then it doesn't really make sense for me to apply to them as the return will be the same if I go to a moderately selective school. I would construct a regression line and everything. My main question is - is this too simple of a concept for Math SL? I want to add a more complex concept that would fit in with the topic, but I can't think of anything. Do you have any ideas that might help me? For an example, I thought about constructing a utility value curve or something, but after discussing it with my teacher, we figured that it wouldn't work. She suggested constructing some pie charts, but it sounds like that would be way too simple. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me as this is due by the end of the month. Thanks!
  2. Hi I'm gonna start the IB in a week. I wanna take Math SL because I'm gonna do Business at uni level, but I have to pass a placement test to get into the class. Does anyone havy any idea of what the test could look like, the type of problems, what I should be revising? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for the reply. I'll check it out, it will sure be very helpful.
  4. Really? Can you name some? Feel free to message me if that's easier for you. Thanks!
  5. Hey, thank you soo much for the reply! So can I message you for some questions regarding your reply? You've been really helpful
  6. I do have to look for financial aid or scholarships, so I definitely understand you. I thought about that, so we'll see about applying..Still one more year to go!
  7. Hi! Thank you very much for your comprehensive advice. 1) I want to do something in the field of Management, but Business Administration should give me a good foundation for that. 2) Scotland was my goal but it's too expensive for me and they don't offer any financial aid So right now I'm looking into European unis and US ones.
  8. Hey, thanks for the response I'm not taking Business Management because it's not offered at my school. I'm taking Economics instead.
  9. I'm gonna apply for a college in Europe, or the US. My goal was Scotland but it's too expensive for me and they don't offer financial aid
  10. Hi, thanks very much for the advice! I'm glad to see that someone who had a similar combination did fine at uni level. I'll be okay then :))
  11. Hi, I'm just about to start my IB DP and I was wondering if unis would consider ESS for Business as a ''soft'' subject? Also, is taking an ab initio language bad? I would take both of them at SL (+ Maths SL) and English A, Econ and Psychology at HL.
  12. Hey I'm about to start my IB education at an international school in Karlovy Vary. I'm interested in studying Business/Management in Europe, so can you recommend me some good, internationally recognized courses in English? Also, do they look at 10th grade grades? In mt 9th grade I had a 5.0/5.0 GPA, but in my 10th grade I got 4,11/5.00 due to personal reasons. Will this matter? I'm also looking at unis anywhere, so if you know any good ones which will tolerate my 10th grade grades in the US, Canada, Asia (wherever) please help me out. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys I'm about to start my IB education at an international school in Karlovy Vary. I was offered a full scholarship due to my academic abilities, poor financial background and partaking in a vast number of extracurricular activities, national awards etc. My parents are divorced and my mom's annual income is about 6000 euros and I come from Montenegro (a non EU country). My dream is to go to UK for undergrad, especially Scotland, but you can see why paying for the tuition and living costs would be a hardship for me. So, I was wondering if any of you knows any full scholarships offered in the UK, options for getting financial aid, sponsors or universities which could help me in any kind of way? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi guys I'm about to start my DP at an international school in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic. I'm pretty firm on my major choice and that is Business (or Business Management/Management) . These are the subjects which are offered at the school: Group 1 - English Literature, English Language and Literature and the option of choosing a self taught language (if approved) Group 2 - English B, Spanish, German and French (students have the option of choosing ab initio for the last three) Group 3 - Economics, Psychology and History Group 4 - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ESS Group 5 - Maths and Math Studies Group 6 - Visual Arts I wanted to choose English Language and Literature (although I'm not a native speaker), Economics and Psychology at HL and Maths, Chemistry and Spanish or German ab initio at SL. Nevertheless, I have some questions: - Should I take Spanish or German considering I might be going to unis in German speaking countries? I have a pretty good understanding of Spanish but I didn't take any classes (I was considering taking Spanish B too). German would be much more useful but I don't like it at all. - Is this a good subject choice considering my wish to study Business at uni level? - Is ab initio regarded bad by unis? - Are these classes too hard? I don't want to have an unmanageable work load. I would appreciate it if you could take the time and answer my questions or give me any advice if you should have it. Thank you in advance
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