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  1. BananaWaffle

    Fill in my survey!

    Hiii, I need your help: please fill in my survey. It's short, fun and hopefully you'll enjoy it. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOv6uf9cjBDiy6vxnXcqw6qJyYuFh0MZwD0dK4CJxtLmaSww/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses You can link your surveys in the comments, I can fill them in in return:)
  2. BananaWaffle

    English B EE

    Hello, my fellow IB students. I'm seeking help for my English B Extended Essay, I already have my topic, RQ, but I'm struggling with the overall approach to it. The EE is going to be focused on how Trump effectively used communication (persuasive language, tweets, etc.) to succeed in his presidential campaign because I'm fascinated by this crazy phenomenon. I have plenty of info and ideas already, I'm just not sure how to appropriately put them all together and that is why I need help very bad. If anyone is willing to give me working tips suitable for my EE, I'd be more than happy. I don't want to give my exact topic, rq, etc. online, so comment here and I'll send you a private message.
  3. BananaWaffle

    Science SL

    The course is basically like Math Studies equivalent in Experimental Scienes; And I think that it's the same as Nature of science, it's just that it's called simply Science in my school. I can't link you anything even though they said it's official and I'm just as confused as you are
  4. BananaWaffle

    Science SL

    I know right, it's a new thing, we don't even have books yet, they're coming next year
  5. BananaWaffle

    Science SL

    It's a new subject, anyone else studying it as well?
  6. BananaWaffle

    What calculator should I buy?

    What's the best one for SL Math? TI-84plus?
  7. BananaWaffle

    What subjects do I choose?

    Hi all! I'm starting the IB next year and I need a little help choosing my subjects. For now, I have chosen HL English, History, and Lithuanian language. My SLs are Math Studies, Psychology, and Science. But I'm thinking about switching from Math St to Math SL even though I'm obviously going to buuuurn even in the SL Math classes. I'm really bad at math and honestly have no intention of doing anything math based in the future, because I want to go the law school (and as for studying law, I can get away with whatever the bare minimum of math study necessary to get my pre-law education over with is - in this case, Math Studies. Lol I think that's one of the reasons law school is such a popular area of study that it is one of a few professional/graduate fields of study where a math-phobic (aka me) candidate can completely avoid any exposure to mathematics after high school graduation :D) But the thing is, I'm also thinking about studying political science or international relations. I did my research and found out that for a mere bachelor's degree, I'd have to take, at a minimum, whatever math is required (at last the general requirements my college/uni requires for the degree, plus any math required to complete the major in political sience). So what do you guys think? What should I do? And what do you guys think about the whole schedule in general?

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