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  1. I recently submitted a request for revaluation of my Psych papers but they wrote back saying ": Please note, the justification for the report must describe in what specific way(s) it is felt the current marking is incorrect in relation to the marking criteria /mark scheme. A general comments are insufficient. A report will not be completed without this information ." What kind of justification do they need? I don't really know where i lost marks but I'm pretty sure I did pretty good in the papers. I just need one mark to get a 6
  2. hey guys, so I was checking course enrollment and the degree requirement/ "anatomy of a glendon BA" manual at York and it mentioned a "bilingual requirement"? does this mean that french is mandatory? If so, my ab initio level isn't going to help me much 😕
  3. I'm not sure if anyone's doing this book but i'm basing my IOP on "The English Teacher" by R.K Narayan focusing on the effect of language in the book or the portrayal of Indian culture and stereotypes in the book. I don't want to g the analytical way because that's what i did the past two times so any one have any ideas for presenting it in a creative way? Thanks
  4. So I've decided to base my extended essay on Twitter and the rough RQ I have for now is "To what extent has the organizational culture and leadership impacted Twitter's growth? Can this meet the required criterias? Any suggestions?
  5. Hi, So i'm an IB1 student and I've chosen to do my EE in English...Except I'm having a tough time selecting a topic and my school isn't much help.. So I've narrowed it down to 3 topics centering around feminism: [ just a rough ideas, I have no idea where I'm going with them] 1] Cross-cultural examination of feminism/ cross cultural views on feminism- I was thinking of Murakami Haruki's anti-feminist narratives/stereotypes that portrays Japanese patriarchal society and a western work to compare the cultural differences in portrayal of women? 2]Depictions of feminism by male and female authors- is this a common topic? 3] Changes in role of women through the years- I've yet to select books for comparison but i will if this topic is valid Soo....yeah, I feel like all of them are fairly common but this is all i could come up with. I wanted to do something off the beaten path but i'm this close to giving up..Gahhh
  6. So coming up is my first ever English A1 IOP. My topic is the significance of the title in "Far From the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy. Any presentation ideas/tips? thanks!
  7. Same here too. But i am thanking my stars that these titles are not prescribed for me since this is just my year 1 of IB. So good luck to all those appearing for the May 2017 exams! We have to write on any one of them as practice and number 4 goes straight to my "chop off" list. I selected number 1 but as I really start writing it, I'm starting to doubt my ability on completing 1,600 words on this...
  8. This is my practice essay title for my first IB year. I understood what this question is basically asking. But what AOK's can be used here is something I've been racking my brains for. I suppose Math is one area but what specifically? In natural sciences? What factors ascertain the difficulty of the knowledge produced? What does "produced with difficulty" mean? What can the claim and counterclaim be for this title? Maybe i actually haven't understood what this question is asking for... Help please!
  9. So I'm two months into my first year IB and our Head thinks that my subject combinations are odd. Subjects: HL: English Business Management Psychology SL: Environmental Studies and Strategies Math studies French ab initio My initial plan was to double major in English and Business and had Psych as a back up. But i soon realized i was more interested in Psychology than Business. Our school requires us to submit our final subjects according to our university choices.The head thinks that this combination comes neither in Arts-Humanities nor Commerce so therefore will not be accepted by the universities. She wants me to enquire at my selected colleges about them and reconsider. But these are the only things i'm good at and i have no other choices. College choices (most desired on top): Boston U UC Berkley, Upenn, Pomona. I guess I should ask there first but i just want to know what people here think. Is this a good dual? Will it be accepted? ...Cuz I really don't know what i want to in the future.
  10. Looking at the titles for next year themselves are making me really glad that i don't have to write on any of those. I feel like they're harder than the previous ones. But anyway, I've been having difficulties wrapping my head around knowledge questions. Taking any of the prescribed titles for May 2017, what knowledge questions cam be formed? I think the most doable ones are 2,5 and 6. And how do you even formulate kq's?
  11. I'm right there with you! I began this year too just two months back and the work is already piling up. Things I've learnt so far: Keep perfectly calm - seriously though, I've had about five mini panic attacks in the past month itself, so this is crucial. I finally understood the repeated advice saying "DON'T PROCRASTINATE".what i said about work piling up?...yeah. Don;t let your social life die, unless like me you have none to begin with ><.....make friends in each class you have even if just to have someone you can take missed notes from. I'm gonna take the SAT too, and the fact that i have to juggle all this is making me doubt myself...Don't do that. Chill, it'll work out. give equal focus on your IA'S, IOP AND IOC'S..they are really important. I'm saying don't let it get to you but at the same time, don't take it TOO easy yeah? ........That's all i can think of for now. I hope i was of even a little help. All the best!
  12. With factors like acceptance rate, finance in mind is applying to a US community college as an international student and then transitioning to better Universities a good idea?
  13. I'm relatively new to this and am seriously having a hard time understanding and applying KQ's. We have to come up with topics for the presentation, so i was wondering if someone could help me out? If I can apply real life situations, then maybe i can understand better. Or do you have any tips for grasping better?
  14. I was wondering apart from school activities how did/do you complete CAS service hours since it's kinda difficult to find good community service areas in India? Or at least in Mumbai. There's no soup kitchen that I know of nor can we help out at some local library so... Any ideas?
  15. Okay thanks. Helped me make up my mind
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