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  1. My teacher advised us to use historians sparingly, because if you put in too many historian's points, it can sometimes lead to the problem of not justifying and evaluating the viewpoint. So, I like to use one per paragraph of the essay, either at the end or before I provide any counter-arguments. In terms of actually writing it, it depends on how the answer goes. Sometimes I like to use something like "As historian name states/demonstrates/says/other word, historian viewpoint".
  2. Hey! I did the personal project myself, and I know how stressful it can be. Is this for the Academic Honesty form? If so, then you need those signatures, since they will essentially act as your declaration of academic honesty. Is there no possible way you can get those signatures before turning in the paper? Or can you meet with your supervisor now and talk about it?
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for something to read once I finish with Taylor's book(s). Specifically, I'm looking for historians who wrote about the Unification of Italy (since that's one of my prescribed topics, and I would like to have a historian's viewpoint for Italy as well as Germany), but if you have any other recommendations that would be great too. Also, do you guys know any good historians for Imperial Russia (the text topic we're going to cover)? Thanks in advance, and remember- Bismarck ALWAYS has a plan!
  4. GRANTED, but your friend Friend FRIEND lives halfway across the world and you'll never be able to meet in person (Oops- long distance relationships! ) I wish I could have a successful jazz singer career.
  5. That's fine- History is my best subject and my most valuable anyways. No worries- that's the fun of the game!
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    This is a little diagram I made to illustrate the complex system of foreign policies and interests after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9, since it would have been nearly impossible to follow the discussion without it. I hope it helps someone else!
  7. Great Powers after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9 View File This is a little diagram I made to illustrate the complex system of foreign policies and interests after the Berlin Conference of 1878-9, since it would have been nearly impossible to follow the discussion without it. I hope it helps someone else! Submitter IBantics Submitted 01/05/2018 Category Germany  
  8. I wish I could get a 7 in History HL by the end of the year. (Since the PAM didn't leave a wish)
  9. ToK is an existential crisis in a nutshell Yes and no. While it has brought on several insanely meta thoughts, I have noticed that it's more physchological than philosophical. Maybe that's just the way my ToK is taught, but I thought I wouldn't enjoy it half as much as I do. It teaches you critical thinking skills, and makes you more aware of what you hear, do, and say. It's basically a course that teaches you how to argue and question the thoughts of those around you. Although, I have noticed that my brother has stopped wanting to argue with me because ever time he does, I point out all his logical fallacies and he gets annoyed. I also out-TOKed the TOK teacher one day by asking him what area of knowledge the study of TOK would fall into. (Side note- apparently it doesn't fall into any, because it's more about the thought process of those areas; eg: it's the work of a natural scientist that counts towards natural science, not his thought process. TOK is like that thought process.) IB ruins your social life. Absolutely not! My social life is just filled with other IB students. My school is really good at getting the IB and non-IB communities to interact and get to know each other, though, so I also know quite a few non-IB kids. IB takes over extracurriculars. Not true- it is entirely possible to balance extracurriculars and IB! In fact, a lot of mine count for CAS. It's like the myth of only getting two of three out of sleep, social life, and good grades. It is entirely possible to balance all three. - My Observations: 1. Bismarck ALWAYS has a plan. 2. Don't EVER miss an economics class- miss one day and you've missed 3 weeks of work. 3. Always memorise the textbook definitions for economics, because you're going to need the exact ones later on. 4. If you want to enter a history class and live, don't mention the phrase "narraitve-based answer" anywhere near the history students... especially History HL. 5. Following on from that, unless you want to deal with a rant on how Bismarck always has a plan (see 1) and a ton of giggles over alternate histories, don't bring up German unification, Bismarck, Cavour, or Italy in the general hearing of the history students (or maybe that's just me). 6. DON'T EVER USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. The teacher will know, and you'll only land yourself in more trouble. 7. TOK is actually not that bad (see above). In fact, it's super interesting if you know how to argue and how to hold your own with questions. 8. EVERYTHING is about CAS, my friends. Have to walk to the shop- can it be CAS? Hanging out with friends- is it CAS? (Actually, most of the time, when I hang out with friends, it's for a CAS event. ) Helping family? It's CA- wait, actually it's not. (See, I understand why they did this, but me teaching my brother solfeggio from scratch should TOTALLY count as CAS.)
  10. You know you're in IB when you procrastinate on doing work by doing work. Seriously, I must be desperate. I spent 45 minutes walking myself through the process of creating what I hope are valid KQs for my RLS for TOK, and before that, I spent 15 minutes drawing out one of my most complex history diagrams (Europe after 1878-9, in case anyone was wondering); all to get away from my English presentation and my ESS revision.
  11. You know you're in IB when all you want for Christmas are books for history (and one for English).
  12. So, I decided I would try to finally win NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, for CAS this year. I love writing, and it's something I've wanted to win for a long time (about 4 years now). Needless to say, it flopped even more spectacularly than the previous three years combined. So, where did I go wrong? It possibly had something to do with the fact that I've got a lot of work all of a sudden (even if I don't really- I'm still waiting for the EE and the IAs to come crashing down on me after Christmas... >.>), and that my music started becoming much more time-consuming and serious in recent weeks, so I just haven't had time to work on it. I've been working hard for my singing, since we've got a lot of concerts and events coming up, and I've been practicing piano too (although not nearly as frequently as I should be). Or it possibly has something to do with the fact that I was side-tracked by one Mr. Otto von Bismarck over there (I'm looking at you, A.J.P Taylor!). History HL anyone? I love it, but it also caused me to start a new story halfway through the month, and those of you who know about NaNo know that that really doesn't help with the word count. I decided to rebel and count the two stories for NaNo, since I threw the NaNo rulebook out the window a few years ago anyway. Nothing has worked for me this year (I blame IB for that, mostly. >.>), but I decided to enjoy it anyways, since next year I probably won't have time for it, between EE, IAs, and college applications. So, have any of you got NaNo stories to share? I'd love to hear them.
  13. Or alternatively when you realise that you've learned 90% of your first language through terms from your second... especially grammar. I basically learned English grammar terminology through French!
  14. - You know you're in IB when others around you consistently say "shut up, TOK!" - You know you're in IB when you make a joke like this: Other person: Our parties are in great demand, it seems! Me: Then we should increase the supply to match it!
  15. *Secretly has to admit she likes 11 better than 10* I haven't watched Doctor Who in ages- I haven't even watched Series 9 yet... Oh well- I've got some catching up to do, huh! I will admit, though, that I love 4 too, and 6. My faves are 4, 6, and 11.