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  1. Disagree, but that might be a good idea. You know you're an IB student when AJP Taylor is your best friend and history jokes and bad puns suddenly become the funniest kind of humour available.
  2. I think Ender's Game is quite overdone - I would avoid it. The idea of studying a Chinese classic is a good idea - why not (and this is very vague) compare the Chinese fairytales to another country's fairytales? You could look at the themes in both, and look for what fiarytale tropes they use.
  3. I think focusing on one poem, as long as you can link it to the coursework you've studied and you aren't just picking apart one single line, would be okay. Perhaps bring in a second one to compare it, if you want something else to go on. Actually, for a forum post, that might work. Try using a similar poem to the one you have, and comparing and contrasting the two according to the topics you've studied.
  4. I know that in my lessons, we just followed the textbook (I think it was the Oxford one). It got to the point where I was starting to wonder whether we were following the actual curriculum, but as soon as I looked at the past papers I saw why we were following the textbook. We had two lessons a week (I will hopefully be getting a third one next year, since I'm taking French B HL). One was for specifically IB topics, and the other was where we would build on thsoe topics with a reportage, discussion, or music video/song analysis. We typically got through a topic in about a month, maybe less depending on the topic. By the way... what are the tronc commun topics? '^^ If you feel that you're not doing enough, you can always use the textbook and practice with the texts, PEs, and discussions there. I would highly recommend this, actually, as you'll see why you should if you check the past papers! Good luck! Et si vous voulez quelqu'un avec qui vous pouvez pratiquer votre Francais ecrit, ecrivez-moi! (Please excuse my horrible written French grammar. )
  5. Haha, no worries! I feel you - I'm bracing myself for the oncoming storm of IB2! Best of luck with your subjects!
  6. I think for the degree you want, you've chosen the right subjects. The UK will like that you have English A HL, and from my experience, Lang and Lit is a fascinating subject. If you can score well in that, you'll demonstrate a good level of English. Plus, for history/international relations, History HL is a really good idea since it gives you a lot of the skills you need for a social sciences degree.
  7. IBantics

    Joint Honors Inquiry

    It depends on the university , the course, and whether or not you're planning on taking a year abroad (an erasmus year). Check the course you want to apply for - the information should be given there. Most courses in the UK/Ireland (aside from medicine and things involving a year abroad such as modern languages or European studies) are three years, I believe.
  8. IBantics

    History IA

    Hmm... I know a fair bit about this, but let me think. A human after my own heart - I want to do mine on Ireland as well! Don't worry, I'm thinking of a different era though - I'm thinking home rule crisis. What part of the conflict do you want to focus on? An IA question has to be very specifically defined, otherwise it might end up being an EE question instead. ALSO - there is an Ireland topic in paper 2? Tell me more.
  9. IBantics

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Yes, I think so. If I score a strong 7 in English and get the remaining ones (with a 4 in maths... I know it's going to be *fun* trying to explain that one, but that was largely due to language barriers). I don't know my predicted grades yet (we'll get them soon, I think), and I have the summer to work, so I'm going to work my backside off to bring up my grades. And yes, it's 38 points with 666 at HL. I have scored 7s all year long in English A, consistently high 6s (because our teacher is extremely harsh with his grading) in history, and a fluctuating 6 in French B. I'm actually worried about French and maths, but maths is a bigger concern right now.
  10. Currently, the conversion system makes IB points much lower in the Leaving Cert system, so they're changing it to make the conversion easier on IB students. The dept. thinks there's too much pressure on IB students and the expectations are unrealistically high. It's been a common topic of discussion among expat families for several years now, and this year they're taking an active interest. For next year, they're making new requirements that will be fairer all around. Don't panic! I'm Irish myself (an expat family member), so I feel you!
  11. Hiya! I'm glad to see someone else interested in Ireland - you're the first person (other than myself) that I've come across who's interested in studying there. I'm looking at Trinity myself for English (and possibly music/history), and having lived in Ireland for a while and been to the college, I can say that it's an amazing place to study. It's home to a lot of historical monuments as well, like the Book of Kells. Asides from that, as of the 2018 rankings (https://www.4icu.org/ie/), Trinity is on top. It is academically rigorous (similar to Oxbridge, I think, but less harsh) and known for reserach and academics. As far as I can gather, it's good for the humanities (ie: English, politics, law, history, etc). Have you checked requirements and things like that? You also might want to explore the CAO (what Irish universities use to accept offers - it's the Irish UCAS, basically) and figure out how it works. I know that for Ireland, you don't need a personal statement, but your grades are very important. If you have any more questions, I may be able to help!
  12. IBantics

    The Oxbridge Guide

    I'm aiming for English Language and Literature at Oxford next year. I sort of only decided this year I wanted to go for it, but now I *really* want to go for it. My subjects are: English A Lang&Lit HL History HL French B HL (heh, yes) ESS SL (Well, yeah. I'm not very good with the sciences, so I was not taking a Big 3 science. ) Maths SL (which I am *really* worried about, actually) Economics SL I think they're a well-rounded enough group, but yeah. I'm worried because I have been failing maths for the biggest part of this year, and I'm afraid that if I get a predicted 3 or 4 from my maths teacher they won't even consider it, despite the fact that I'm scoring consistently full-marks 7s in English, which is the relevant grade. Any advice? Does the 4 completely bar me from Oxford, despite the relevant grade being a strong 7?
  13. sheepish - he wanted to borrow her Chinese novels for his wife, who was currently complaining about the lack of entertainment in the underworld.
  14. I honestly think that if you're going to study history, there's so little difference between HL and SL in terms of assessment (other than paper 3 topics and slightly higher requirements) that you might as well just go all-in. I think history HL, while difficult, is definitely worth going for. I suppose it depends on what course you want to take in university as well. If you want to go down the economics/finance route, then econ HL is more likely to be beneficial, but if you want to go the english/history/other social sciences route, then I would go for history. If you want to study law, then I think history HL will be more useful to you. It fosters critical thinking, analytical skills, close/focused reading, and a balanced, holistic perspective of a topical issue. Skills learned in history HL (in my experience) will be more likely to benefit you in a law career, and perhaps studying a law degree as well. Of course, at the end of the day, it's up to you.
  15. Is anyone else doing a category 3 essay (about language as opposed to literature)? I'm enjoying my essay, particularly because of the subject matter being quite close to me, but I'm feeling a bit alone here. 😅 It would be nice to know if anyone else is doing something similar!
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