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  1. Hello all, I am trying to decide whether to go into Health Sciences or Biochemistry at Ottawa U as a major next year. I am interested in both but my biggest concern is pre reqs for Med School and how well it will prepare me for the MCAT. I heard the new MCAT is extremely heavy with Biochemistry... I like the idea of Health Sciences but I think it focuses too much on the social aspects of Health, which won't be so necessary for MCAT, but I have room for electives. Biochemistry on the hand feels much more intense and rigorous, not a lot of room for electives but enough to satisfy pre reqs. Which do you think I should choose ? I like both, but which one would help me get a better GPA, MCAT prep and all ? Thank you !
  2. Well my advanced functions mark will be send, since it's a pre req. It said I got an 80%, without an official IB number. So will Ottawa U see that as 80% (mediocre in Ontario) or 80% (he did IB so that's quite solid). ?
  3. Hey guys, very quick question. So I took MHF4UB (advanced functions) in IB in grade 11. I got an 80. I just realized that this is a pre req for all 3 of the science courses that I want to apply to in OTTAWA U. Since I am not a full IB student, will they look at this mark as a flat 80, or will they take into recognition the fact that it is in IB and maybe "boost" that mark ? Same thing for my other IB courses. Since they were grade 11, it won't matter, but I was hoping for early admissions, so will they take the IB thing in consideration and "boost" my overall average of 86%. I took IB bio (77%), IB chem (79%), and IB french (92%). I'm dropping IB for grade 12 and taking all Ontario. Thank you!
  4. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. You really made me feel motivated and less clueless about everything lol.
  5. Yeah we study all 8-9 courses at once, there's no sets. I'm fortunate enough to go to a prestigious private school my whole entire life. But thank you so much for your help. As for the IB (which we're suppose to talk about on this site lol), I spoke with my advisor this week and she said that if my marks have dropped in the IB, it's better to consider switching to the regular classes next year. Even though it prepares me well for university (which I really really want as well), I need to face the present and try and get into university first and not struggle to borderline pass the IB. She said that the IB might not be for me, and that my 55 in the final exam in chem and 65 in bio showed that it may be a lack of effort, but that's totally not true. They are my favourite subjects (well maybe not chem lol). So she concluded that the IB just doesn't work for me. Still managed an 86% overall average somehow... lmao
  6. Hey Veronica, Thanks for the reply. I think our school gets round 2 offers because we run by terms, and not semesters. By March, we'll have 2 report cards out, or at the very least, our mid terms done and term 1 marks completed. I'm just totally confused because a lot of people get accepted in February and March and teachers always remind them to not slack off. It's rare to get early acceptance, but isn't round 2 usually the general acceptance for term school. ? And I know Kinesiology is super cool and all, but it doesn't prepare me for the MCAT as well as it does for BioMed. Canada is hard when it comes down to Med School and at the end of the day, my second option is to become a Bio teacher or scientist / researcher. 4 years of both Kinesiology and BioMed would give me a Bachelor of Science, but BioMed could offer me more in the research, teacher pathway. I KNOW I can make it into Kinesiology at Ottawa U, my average in grade 11 was 86% and there required is 80-85%, so I may even get a round 2 offer quite easily compared to BioMed which requires an 84-88 average. I'm staying away from Health Science, I don't want to learn about the social aspects of Health and I'm totally screwed if I don't get into Med School with a HSc degree. Thoughts?
  7. Well I haven't decided yet. I have three choices as of now. 1. BioMedical Sciences (85%+) 2. Human Kinetics (80%- 85%) 3. Health Sciences (83% - 85%) My school offers a Kinesiology course in Grade 12, which is unique. A LOT of graduates went into Kinesiology / Human Kinetics because of this, since they will basically be ahead of everyone by a great amount. Any opinions on the courses above ? I want to go to Med School after undergrad so which course will prepare me the best and will give me the highest chance? Also, when do you actually apply to university, and when do you generally get accepted? I heard about early accptance where they look at your average in grade 11. My average in grade 11 was 86%, but my bio and chem mark (IB) isn't so great... (low/ mid 70s).
  8. You'll look better with two HL sciences but taking HL business will decrease your workload by a lot. At the end of the day, it's all personal preferences.
  9. Extracting DNA from fruits is pretty easy. Just search up videos on YouTube or look on the web. There are so many different guides. It's a cool experiment that although easy, you can go beyond with. You'll need ethanol, smashed up fruits, and other stuff I can't remember. It'll also take 1-2 cus you need to freeze it and stuff.
  10. I'm staying in Ontario. In fact, I've already decided that I want to go to Ottawa U. My advisor says that they "sometimes" look at your ECs, but it's not a huge deal, especially since I have a good amount of volunteer hours and I play soccer. swimming, and track and field OUTSIDE of school. I also do a lot of music and I even tutor, so that should still be considered an EC no?
  11. Yeah I'll do some ECs hopefully. But I don't think I need any, unless Universities SPECIFICALLY look at grade 12 ECs? My total credits in the last 3 years outside of school have been insanely good. (Clubs, 4-5 sports, music bands).
  12. Now that I'm dropping IB completely, I need to still maintain an average of above 85, which is still tough. My parents don't want me to do any sports or do any ECs (Extra curricular). I used to do 2-3 sports a year I have 60+ hours in volunteering though lmao
  13. It's fine not to take IB physics, but try to take some sort of Physics course over the summer maybe? Or worst case scenario, spend a week or two of your summer and go through a NON-IB Physics curriculum. Trust me, it'll help to know some Physics in university instead of having 0 knowledge. I almost made that mistake of leaving out Physics completely, but thank God for summer school.
  14. Any Texas Instruments that's in the recent years will be fine.
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