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  1. Thank You very much! I can finish my lab now
  2. Hello, I was wondering in my equipment list should I put: Volume (ml) or (l), later in the calculation I have put (l) but I am confused because all the beakers or measurements I used are all measured in ml? Also one additional question, does anyone know what is a square metal stand called on which we can keep things and then change the height using that stand????? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, How can Fear gain knowledge or Hinder knowledge? I am looking for an example or RLS if possible, I cannot understand what can be appropriate! Thanks
  4. Thank you so much!!! I understood where I went wrong now
  5. Hi, Could someone please help me with this question: Which statement is correct about the electrolysis of molten PbI2 1) Chemical Energy is converted into electrical energy 2) Pb2+ ions are oxidized at the negative electrode (cathode) 3) I2 is produced at the positive electrode (anode) 4) Ions are produced at both electrodes Why is the answer 3) ????? Thanks
  6. Hi, Does anyone have access to the Probability and Statistics HL TEST on InThinking? I have found the assessments and other exercises but can't get this one! Its a really good website for practice and I want to do their Test too..... Thanks.
  7. Thank You very much!! My actual IA is 18 pages ,,the rest is appendix so I will somehow cut it down. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I know that the page limit for Physics and Chemistry IA is about 12 pages but what if your page limit exceeds, how many marks penalty do you get? For chem, I only have the most important data tables and the evaluation is kinda long...Total actual IA leaving Bibliography and Appendix is about 18 pages. How much penalty do I get? Plus I also heard that the Appendix and Bibliography is included within the page count. Is that true? Actually I have lots of data tables and calculations in my appendix, so it went to a total IA + Appendix = 26 pages. Thanks.
  9. HI! Could someone please tell me how to derive this formula by using Wave Phenomenon d = t sin θ [ 1 - (n cosθ / n' cosθ)] I think some of it is derived using Brewster's Principle and the Refractive Index but I cannot tell how? Thanks.
  10. How can we solve this problem????? An open glass is created by rotating the curve y = x2, defined in the domain x [0, 10], 2π radians about the y-axis. Units on the coordinate axes are defined to be in centimetres. (a) When the glass contains water to a height h cm, find the volume V of water in terms of h. Thanks
  11. Hello, I am writing an EE in Physics. Could someone please tell me how to structure my essay layout in detail? Also what do we need to talk about in an abstract? Thank You
  12. CalissaRelics


    Hi, How can I prove that a pendulum follows SHM? I have data from an experiment and the angle used is 20degrees Before using the T = 2pi*SqRoot(L/g) I want to say the Pendulum follows SHM Could someone pls help me ? Thanks
  13. Insert Selected What is the value of theta 0 in this equation in the image? Thanks.
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