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  1. hey guys do you think that taking 4 HL's instead of 3 will raise my GPA if i managed my time? i've heard that taking 4 subjects HL is a really bad idea and my GPA will fall. all what i need to think of is having a really high GPA, so is taking 4 HL's the right path?
  2. i dont really like economics the university im applying to doesn't really care about HL or SL as far as my GPA is high..
  3. thanks you so much :* all what i need to think of now is shall I take business HL or Physics HL i am not really sure....
  4. but i am really good at math and physics. i think that i will get A* on both for my igcse. Math HL is not taught in our school because usually no one picks it, however, we do have physics HL. so i may take 4 HL's english, arabic, phyics, business just to raise my GPA what do u think?
  5. i am taking: English BHL, Arabic AHL , math SL ,b&m SL or HL , physics SL or HL , chem SL the university i am applying to doesn't really care about HL or SL as long as i am taking math and physics for engineering. all what they care about is my GPA, so for that reason you can see that my languages are HL, since i can score higher in them rather than math or chemistry. so for b&m which one will raise my gpa more SL or HL and how difficult HL is from SL
  6. hello, i am going to take the IB diploma program next year. My school forces me to choose 1 humanity subject, so i choosed business and management since it is the easier choice for me. i dont really need B&M as i am going to take civil engineering for the future. My question is shall i take B&M SL or HL, i want the one that would raise my school GPA more. so is there a big difference between the two or just few differences. i want to choose the one that would raise my GPA as i heard that HL subjects raise your GPA more than SL, but if it is really harder in terms of B&M then no, since i dont need it for my future; just for my GPA. My writing skills are OK!!

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