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  1. WOW thank you so much! I was freaking out because I found the case so confusing! tbh i didn't know what to "analyze" THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!
  2. WOW! Well I've never met someone who could finish a Math Exam on time (Except math studies students, all my friends from that course always finish their exams but Math Studies can't be compared with Math SL )
  3. Yeah, I did the blog one However, I don't know how good my response to the stimulus was. That part has always been my "weakness"
  4. Hi guys, I'm so lost and stressed about the Paper 1 case study. We don't understand almost anything and I feel I've been the B&M teacher this year. Please, if you understand something about that confusing chart from the last part, I would thank a lot any help!
  5. Nicole, I found paper 1 normal. Not easy not difficult. It was tricky though... Compared to the other past exams, I think it was the most difficult one. I took all the exams since 2009 (i don't remember precisely, maybe it was 2008 or 2010) and I've never done an English B HL exam harder than this one. In all of them I used to get 6's and 7's (mostly 7's) but in this one maybe I'll get a 6 Hope not.
  6. What? Are you taking English B HL?
  7. Mmm... I would say "How our personal knowledge is affected by external influences?" or something more "open" that will let you cover more aspects from different perspectives and areas. Ofc you can change it, I don't know how you want to guide your presentation and now I can't think properly haha.
  8. Hey! Well, I just wanted to ask how you felt about Paper 1 and Paper 2. I think I'm... "alright"... with Paper 1 but Paper 2 was HORRIBLE! I admit I haven't studied almost anything but I've checked some past papers and remember some things I read.
  9. Hello, everyone! I took English B HL. I'll finish all my exams in a couple of weeks so I offer you my help when all this torture x.x finishes! Good luck
  10. Well, you're talking about perception... which is an interesting choice! But I recommend you include some TOK-ish words in your KQ like one area of knowledge or ways of knowing. For example, mine was something like "How our ethical values influence our decisions and the impact these have on others?". I'm including ETHICS and, also (indirectly), perception!! Btw, I took TOK in Spanish, I hope the translation of those TOK concepts (and my English in general) are understandable hehe. Good luck!
  11. Well... I also have really bad teachers. Except the ones from Math SL and Spanish, they are great. But, for example, my friends from Math Studies have a horrible teacher, so I've been their teacher for a couple of months and I noticed how stressed and afraid they were. Apart from that, they also had different goals, some of them wanted to study abroad, some of them not. You're taking Chemistry and Physics and that's pretty admirable having those kind of teachers... I would like to help you more but I didn't take those courses and neither my friends (We are just 3 doing the IB so I can't even ask other people). However, I hope everything goes more than great in your IB. Fortunately, you're in the first year so you have time for searching things on the internet and get some extra info. Once again, good luck!
  12. LOL you're all going to get more than 40 and I'm here suffering for a 35 : - )
  13. I'm taking my exams now. I changed to Math SL in my second year (because I thought I could do more than Math Studies). I never studied Biology in my life bc I always used to do other things in class like not paying attention or talking with other friends. My P2 was yesterday and P3 is going to be on Monday. Believe me, I just started reading a few days ago. Like, two years (well, ofc it was not like all topics because I hated Genetics so I decided to just don't study that and other few things) in less than a week. I've done nothing but sleeping, going to the cinema, do picnics and listen to music in my first year and almost all my second year too. The only course I really dislike and think I'm going to have a 4 is Biology for obvious reasons... With this, I'm not trying to convince you to do the same things as me. Maybe you're taking "harder courses" or trying to get a 45 (because not even my friend who got a 43 last year studied as much as you do) but--- everyone has his own way of studying and different goals too. I'm expecting a 35 tbh, and I swear that I've done nothing these two years. Like, absolutely nothing. For my internal assessments, I chose topics I like so I got almost the "complete mark" in most of them. Maybe that's why I'm not giving a f in these exams (?). However, once again, everyone has a different style or way of learning. I also met a girl who studied all her second year and she got a 23 (so... no diploma). It all depends on you. If you like studying and you're feeling insecure about what you're learning now, then continue studying and finish your two years now if you can (ok no)!! Good luck
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