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  1. Not doing well in a math test always happens when one takes a really tough math course exactly what happened last year for the highest level math class in my school. Just saying now the class split in halves because this year they have even harder math 10101010! Just don't worry about it, it was your first shot so now you know how the questions are.
  2. When I learn languages, I quickly understand how the language works and all that. However, I never have enough vocab because I just can't manage to keep it in my head. So what I need is a way of memorizing vocab that is fast and not too tiring to the brain. Please don't tell me to listen to it, it works a bit better than reading it many times but it is still not effective. I currently take memory supplements. Just an end note, I see I have a problem whenever I have to memorize anything by heart which affects my exam grades. "Uh, what's tan60 and cos45 again? And how do you test for carbon dioxide?" are common questions that I can't answer as they rely on memory. Thanks if you answer peeps!
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt studies in psychology need maths at all so maths studies is a good option Be wary though that some universities want to see math SL no matter what so you have to check that with your uni In your case do studies to show better grades
  4. What you definitely need Math HL Physics HL What could be a good option: Chem (supports physics), Business (more in finance construction requires serious financial planning) , Art (only if you enjoy it, helps with drawing skills you will need later)
  5. Normal pens are safer since erasable ones are thermochromic and turn from whatever the color is to transparent with heat. Scanners are hot so examiners will see nothing on your paper! Just cross out mistakes, examiners ignore anything crossed out.
  6. Thank you for your detailed answer. I now understand how CAS works :).
  7. The topic can be the same but the writing is always different. Technically speaking, everyone has his style or way of writing which produces different essays. IF they are the same, they copied or made the essay together. This case does not usually happen at a school since there are many options to write for your EE but there is an almost certainty that your topic is also chosen by another student worldwide and maybe he's using IBS as well.
  8. Can't you change to a school with HL math If not, then I would recommend you to take AP or A-levels IB is good only until you can get the subjects you want most and aren't forced to take a subject that you hate in HL
  9. personally, I prefer interactive and visual things so my preferred choice are videos. No matter whether you're visual, tactile, or auditory learner, videos got you covered But be careful that they do use the updated syllabus
  10. Could you please give an example of how the following learning outcomes can be achieved: Increased their awareness of their strengths and areas for growth. Planned and initiated activities. (do you mean that you have to make an activity yourself for CAS?) Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities. Considered the ethical implications of their actions. The other outcomes are straightforward and I do understand them. Thanks again.
  11. Yes, I could take French LL SL and Spanish Ab initio to get the bilingual diploma for instance and get to learn a new language. The school expects you to be fluent in English by high school so there is no English B.
  12. Can you also state them all please. I think there's that one I will have trouble with.
  13. CAS's purpose is to make us do other stuff than school and study. I never heard of grades for CAS O_O. Either you pass or fail.ou c Do you have to meet all learning outcomes CAS, otherwise the picture on the right is what's gonna happen to me (working with others is a disaster) which means I'm gonna need A levels pronto!
  14. Okay then, since I've been studying literature in English all these years (though I did a bit of french lit too), I think it's just easier to just take English LL SL and take French B SL (can't do HL, i've got math, physics and chem already) to get a free 7.
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